Funny postcards

Our "Little truths" are causing quite a sensation on the social media channels of Kleine Prints. They lovingly take the rather stressful side of being a parent in a light hearted way and every week bring a grin to the faces of up to over 100,000 stressed parents, compassionate aunts and uncles, grinning grandmas and grandpas & Co. The popular sayings are now also available as funny postcards to send, give as a present or just to hang up in your own home. The cards come in the classic postcard format (DIN A6) and, of course, in the well loved Small Prints design. Order your favourites now, and be sure to bring a smile to the lips of a recently exasperated mum!

Postcards with sayings: Being a parent is like going to a party!

“Being a parent is like going to a party: Everybody yells, it often smells bad, the same music is played all the time and every now and then somebody throws up ... and yet somehow it’s fun.” Sayings of this kind make our Kleine Prints fans and customers on Facebook and Instagram happy every week. From now on, we have put the icing on the cake and turned it into stylish piece of joy that you can give as a present! Funny postcards are the perfect gift for recent and not so recent parents who can always do with a laugh, because children just turn their lives upside down! (We know this only too well from our own experience.) As wonderful, as beautiful as it may be, life with children can sometimes be exhausting. With the funny Little truths, you’ll be sure to cheer yourself up or make others happy! Discover all our funny postcards with sayings, choose the most suitable ones and get stressed mums and dads into a light hearted mood. As we all know: “Having a two year old child is like using a blender without a lid.” We have nothing to add to that. Have fun with our most popular Little truths!