18 special gifts for children aged 0-5

Not much longer and then it's already Advent again. It often comes faster than we think and - bang - we find ourselves, especially as parents, in the annual Pre-Christmas stress again. And looking for meaningful, joyful, beautiful and well-made gifts for children (and finding them too!) Can be a major stress factor.

Eva's favorite gifts for children

As an inspiration for all gift-seekers, our founder Eva Malawska shared her very favorite ideas for gifts for children with us.

1 children's kitchen

A small kitchen for the children's room is a great gift for children. Our daughter Lotta had and still has so many wonderful hours of play in her kitchen! She got the kitchen when she was around 18 months old, thought it was great from the start and still enjoys playing with it to this day (when she was 5 years old). Lotta cooks things that I cook myself and she not only enjoys the kitchen a lot, but also encourages the use of real food. When Lotta was a little younger, I often just set up the children's kitchen in our kitchen when I was cooking for us. Lotta then cooked in her own kitchen and I was able to prepare our food in peace. The kitchen is simply a great gift and encourages creative, free play. We bought Lotta's kitchen second-hand from friends, so it doesn't always have to be an expensive pleasure!

2 byGraziela pajamas

byGraziela is of course an absolute classic, there have already been two really great ones Special editions our photo book with great byGraziela motifs. The Pajamas Like all products, they are of great quality, are very cozy and the children absolutely love them because they are so beautifully colorful! Incidentally, the pajamas are also available in large, for the mums - if you want, you can cuddle in a partner look from the first Christmas day.

3 Design Letters cups

The Design Letters mug are also a classic that we have in our home in multiple versions. They are super simple and chic and actually go with everything. The cups can be used in many ways, for example as a pen cup, toothbrush cup, drinking cup. Lotta also has the mug in a porcelain version, but the mug is also available in plastic. Geschenke für Kinder: 18 besondere Ideen zusammengestellt von Eva Malawska

4 moka & tonka baby shoes

Unfortunately, I didn't know these shoes when Lotta was so little, I only recently discovered them. moka & tonka make very cute leather slippers that can be personalized - you can have the child's name sewn onto a chic leather label on the back of the shoe. A really nice gift idea, so personal and absolutely cute!

5 balance bike (approx. From 2 years)

The balance bike is of course a gift classic, and rightly so! It promotes the physical development of the child, is a lot of fun for the little ones, and children who ride a balance bike usually also learn to ride a bike super fast! Lotta first had a balance bike and then got her normal bike when she was about 4 years old - we put her on it twice and the second time she was able to ride! Without any training wheels and Co. The person who invented the balance bike is a real genius.

6 scooters (from around 4 years)

For older children it is a nice scooter* a great gift. Lotta got her scooter at Christmas 2016, when she was around four and a half years old. She loves it and whizzes around with it whenever the opportunity arises. Every now and then we drive in pairs, I stand in the back and she in front. (This is only possible for short distances, of course!) Quite apart from the fact that Lotta has a lot of fun with the scooter, as a mom I also see other advantages that scooter driving has for Lotta. The movement is great for your sense of balance and for training your abdominal muscles. A great Christmas present for children from all perspectives! There are also smaller scooters for smaller children from around 2 years of age, but Lotta never had one, but there are also very cool models.

7 Waldorf doll

Waldorf dolls I think it's great because they are so cute and look natural. Not as over the top as many other dolls, just beautiful and to cuddle. In my experience, every child loves these dolls, I've often given them away and they have always been very popular! Lotta has had her Waldorf doll Emma since she was 1 year old and she absolutely loves her. The doll looks slightly "worn down", worn out and used, but is still taken everywhere.

8 dolls prams from brio

Of course, doll moms (and dads) also love doll prams, which is why there is also a Doll pram from brio* a great gift for children who like dolls. This doll's pram looks like a real pram and Lotta loves hers very much because you can adjust so much on it - you can take out the carrycot, you can use the pram as a buggy, you can lay the baby flat, etc. The pram is just very child-friendly and lovingly designed - people have thought about it. I just love such beautifully made products.

9 Cuddle Whale from BigStuffed

BigStuffed is a French company that makes super cute cuddly toys! The animals are huge, hence the name of the company. The animals are totally soft, made of super soft fabrics and somehow look totally real, as if they have a soul! Geschenke für Kinder: 18 besondere Ideen zusammengestellt von Eva Malawska Unfortunately, we don't have a BigStuffed cuddly toy in our home so far, but I (!) Now wish I had the whale for Christmas because they look really cool on adults on the sofa.

10 wooden toys from Wooden Story

Wooden story is a Polish company that makes building blocks and other wooden toys from sustainably produced woods. The Wooden Story products* are naturally glazed in different dark colors and are therefore particularly pretty to look at. In addition, the quality of the products is great! Wooden toys are a big favorite of mine anyway.

11 Hobby horse made of wood

The hobby horse got Lotta for her fifth birthday. It is designed super cute, very simple and without a lot of ChiChi - just a pretty horse with woolen hair. Lotta also loves this toy very much.

12 Flower Press from Studio Karamelo

The flower press is also a great gift that encourages children to experiment and try things out. You can press leaves and flowers in it and I would say that it is even a great gift for adults. With the pressed flowers you can do handicrafts and create works of art.

13 vintage letters from freundts

Of these Vintage letters we have several at home, some of which we have converted into illuminated letters - including a large L for Lotta that is in her room. It is a very soft light source and I think our "Licht-L" is simply super cool, because it is absolutely unique in Lotta's nursery. She can take that with her for her whole life, whether it's a dormitory or when she's really grown up. The light L is kind of timeless and I welcome things that are sustainable and can really be used for a long time. Geschenke für Kinder: 18 besondere Ideen zusammengestellt von Eva Malawska By the way, the letters from freundts are really vintage and used to hang on some walls. They are just a great gift for children, which of course is not cheap. But we have often given such letters away, for example to families. We then simply selected the first letter of the surname. The letters always cause a lot of joy and a stir because they are so individual and special.

14 leather ball for children

The Leather ball I think von Lautenbach is just great. It is made of undyed leather and guaranteed without PVC and plasticizers, which is unfortunately a rarity these days and difficult to find. The ball is only 9 cm in diameter and is therefore also suitable for smaller children.

15 wooden camera

The Wooden camera from Kleines Karussell is also a great toy and gift. The children can integrate them wonderfully into their beloved role-playing games and pretend that they are taking photos of each other without having to worry about their real camera or smartphone. In addition, wooden toys like this camera just wonderfully encourage the creativity and imagination of our little hearts.

16 tent

One of the best gifts for children is definitely a teepee. Lotta has one herself tent* and loves it without end. It's easy to set up and she takes it out regularly to play with. When it is not in use, it can be conveniently folded up and stowed behind the door. In summer we often use the tent outside as sun protection. Such a tent is simply a cool gift and offers the child the opportunity to build a cozy cave and to withdraw in peace at any time. Lotta often plays dreamily there with her dolls.

17 Toniebox

The idea for Toniebox* and the Tonies* comes from a couple of fathers who were simply fed up with the fact that the CDs in the nursery were constantly scratched and unusable. They invented the Toniebox as a solution to the problem. The box is very sturdy and the figures each contain a specific radio play, which is a great thing, especially for children who cannot read yet. If the child wants to hear a radio play, simply place the corresponding figure on top of the box and off you go! It is also possible to play your own Tonies. Just awesome! Lotta will also get a box like this this Christmas (shhh!) Because we parents just want our iPad to ourselves again. And grandparents keep asking for ideas for gifts for the children, right?

18 wooden sword

The Wooden sword from the Bavarian family business "Die Holzkiste" we have given away several times. (It's mega cheap, by the way!) I don't believe in the glorification of violence and I'm otherwise more reluctant to use toy weapons, but this sword is a great toy for certain role-playing games. Because as a Jeanne d'Arc or courageous knight you also need a sword so that you can defend the poor people ...

Photo book, photo memo or photo puzzle for children

Last but not least, I am of course also sending our own products into the race as favorite gifts for children! If Photo book, Photo memo or Photo puzzle - Of course, Lotta has already received one or two Kleine Prints products from us and she loves them very much. As long as she is still of the appropriate age, she is my favorite product tester, and I can be sure that I will always receive honest feedback. Our products are designed with great dedication and produced here in Hamburg. Child-friendly design that will last a long time is our top priority. Just take a look on the website past. By the way: We only use paper for our photo products that comes from sustainable forestry with an FSC® certificate.

Whether for Christmas, a birthday or not: A general tip for gifts for children

Generally I like to buy from Echtkind.de or rattle fishbecause both retailers have selected, good toys that are usually well thought out and stimulate the children's imagination. Geschenke für Kinder: 18 besondere Ideen zusammengestellt von Eva Malawska

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