Nice & meaningful: 10 + 1 special gifts for the birth

Besondere Geschenke zur Geburt When a baby is born, many people and their new parents are usually happy too. We all like to express this joyful joy again and again with gifts for the birth - and that's really wonderful! However, it is not uncommon for the parents to sit there with x rompers (preferably all of the same size) and umpteen cuddly toys. Although we have great fun as gift givers, they are of little use to the small family when in doubt. That's why we in the Kleine Prints team got together and put together a few special gifts for the birth that are either very beautiful or very useful. And in the best case both together, hehe. Here we go!

Special gifts for birth: a fundamental thing!

Before we get started with our list of ingenious baby gifts, one thing is particularly important to us: don't forget the mums! Yes, the new little creature enchants everyone and most of us succumb to the charm of a newborn in seconds. But we shouldn't lose focus on our parents and especially our mum. Because despite all the joy that they usually feel, pregnancy, childbirth and the first time with a baby are often incredibly challenging and exhausting! Therefore, when choosing a baby gift, it is also a good idea to think about how you can really do something good for mom and support her.

Special baby gifts

For this reason, we also start with gifts for mom before we focus entirely on the little miracle.

1. Gift basket with plenty of food

Yep, during the postnatal period you are grateful for every day-to-day duty that is taken away from you. For example shopping and cooking. So if you can come to visit relatively soon after the birth of the little person, a thick gift basket with a good selection of foods is guaranteed to be a welcome gift. Be careful not to have too much perishable food with you so that the young parents can decide for themselves what to use when. Of course, a little fruit never hurts, but delicious pre-cooked dishes, which you might even bring frozen, are guaranteed to be a hit. And don't forget to pack small, healthy snacks too. Breastfeeding makes you hungry!

2. Subscription from Gesund & Mutter

If you don't have a lot of time yourself or don't feel you are called to cook, you can take advantage of the ingenious offer from Healthy & mother To fall back on. Because there we can order high-quality, pre-cooked dishes by the glass directly to us (or the fresh parents to themselves) at home. Have a look at Gesund & Mutter, there are many great products such as the "puerperium boxes", breastfeeding balls and more. Of course there are also vouchers. Here you are guaranteed to find a great gift for the birth! (Fun fact: Gesund & Mutter founder Susi Leyck was just like our founder Eva Malawska with her business in the "Den of the Lions" on Vox!) Besondere Geschenke zur Geburt

3. Grooming products for mom

What is sure to be well received and really helpful are beautiful, high-quality care products for mom. As I said, mom and her body have a lot behind them after pregnancy and childbirth and continue to be challenged by carrying, breastfeeding and little sleep. A soothing care oil or a relaxing bath are really very welcome little everyday benefits. We in the Kleine Prints team especially like the great Organic almond oil from Primavera * or that Lavender relaxation bath * from Weleda. Also great: A good hand cream, like this one from Aesop *. (An absolute favorite of our founder Eva!) There are of course other suppliers and other beautiful products. The main thing is to find something that is good for mom!

4. Breastfeeding balls

Breastfeeding balls are simply amazing! They are healthy, tasty and provide some of the much-needed energy in the first time with the baby. You can order the nursing balls from some providers such as Gesund & Mutter or you can make them yourself relatively easily. You can find a simple recipe from our founder Eva in this article here (under "Energyballs"). You can find more great ideas by simply searching the Internet. For example we are up this article with four different recipes bumped!

5. Voucher or voucher box from Kleine Prints

Of course, we at Kleine Prints also have an incredibly great, meaningful and special gift for the birth in our program! Granted, with a nice one Memory game or a great finished one Photo book for children Neither Mini nor parents can do anything so soon after the birth. Aaaber: In our shop there are also snacks Gift vouchers! And of course they are a great gift. Because at the latest by the daycare / kindergartenAcclimatization becomes the subject Photo book very relevant for many families. Parents are guaranteed to be happy when they can fall back on the gift voucher you gave. The gift voucher is of course valid indefinitely. By the way: In more and more selected small children's concept stores you can exclusively buy our pretty Kleine Prints voucher box. With this you give the new parents a voucher for one of our photo books with really nice packaging. The box is currently available from, among others Peanut Store in Munich, at tutu et tata in Cologne, at Mrs. Hansen in Hamburg, at all people in Mainz and in some other wonderful shops! Maybe in the cute children's boutique around the corner from you? Just ask!

6. Wool baby blanket

A nice, high quality Baby blanket (for example made of wool) should not be missing in any household. That's why you can't really go wrong with this birth present. Of course, it is quite possible that the parents bought a baby blanket during pregnancy. If you're close, maybe you can research it beforehand. Otherwise, it definitely doesn't hurt to have a "second blanket", so, as I said, you won't go wrong with this gift! A nice alternative idea for those gifted in handicraft among you: You can team up with a few people in your circle of friends and everyone crochets or knits a small square. You sew all the squares together to make a baby blanket. Such a personal gift is simply something very special and often triggers great joy in the young parents. Using the same principle, you can of course create other beautiful gifts together as a group of friends. For example, a mobile where everyone contributes an animal to hang on (e.g. sewing felt animals). All animals are then hung on a suitable branch and - tadaaa - you have created a completely unique mobile! Those who are not so keen on handicrafts do not have to despair, because dream mobiles are of course also available to buy. (See below!) Besondere Geschenke zur Geburt

7. Grain heat pads for mini (& mom)

Such a heat pillow is also an absolutely great baby gift! As many of us know, such a heat pack can be a blessing for people of almost any age. Among other things, it helps to relieve or even dissolve muscle tension. (Which can be very relevant for mums.) Of course, it also helps with stomach ache or warms the baby cot or pram to cozy up to in winter. So a real all-round talent, such a heat pack. We are particularly in this pretty swan of pleas loved it. It even comes with a calming scent of lavender! What more do you want?

8. Mobile

A mobile is of course also an absolute top baby gift - babies can sometimes (felt) lie under it for hours and admire it with great satisfaction. We think it's particularly beautiful this simple "swans of the north"-Mobile. That already has Lotta, the daughter of Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawska, thrilled as a baby - and still hangs in Eva's living room today because it's just so beautiful!

9. Personalized building blocks

There are building blocks in almost every child's room. Not a special gift, one would think ... However, things look completely different when it comes to very individual, personalized building blocks! There are, for example, at Avie Art. So how about building blocks with baby's name, date of birth and measurements? Or with beautiful words or symbols? There are hardly any limits to creativity. This special birth present is guaranteed to stay in the memory of Mum & Dad for a long time - and Mini's children's room will live in for a while!

10. Baby box by Winzig & Klein

Ok, now that breaks the no clothes rule we put in place above. But these cute ones Initial equipment boxes with baby clothes are just too beautiful and special not to be mentioned here. The composition and material of the garments are carefully considered and suitable for everyday use - because one of the founders of the label is a midwife and both of them are mothers themselves! The boxes are of course not cheap due to the high quality content, but you can give them together with several friends. In any case, these boxes are very special gifts for birth!

11. Ask questions or give a voucher

At the end of our list of very special baby gifts, we would like to point out again that it is completely okay to ask the parents what they need or simply one Voucher gift from a great shop. (For example from us, Kleine Prints, Echtkind, Gesund & Mutter etc.) You really don't have to be uncomfortable asking or giving a voucher. Because with this you are guaranteed to do your parents a bigger favor than with the thousandth rattle or the twentieth romper - and you show that you really think about how you can make the new family a real joy and support them! We wish you a lot of fun choosing, giving away and of course celebrating the little miracle! Besondere Geschenke zur Geburt

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