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Breifpapier zum kostenlosen Download Special times require ... ... special measures! You have never heard this saying so often as at the moment when it literally echoes from every loudspeaker, can be read in every newspaper and is heard from everyone's lips. And yes, somehow that's true, because rarely have we been so isolated from each other as before the Corona contact ban. And rarely have we all missed our loved ones so much at the same time.

Stay connected despite the distance

Whether for business or pleasure, we send voice messages, make video calls, chat and make phone calls - more than ever. However, it always takes place in that particular moment. Just what do we do with all the other moments that one day after that still has? Sure, we could use the time to love our heart people (the little ones as well as the big ones) a unique photo book to create. Breifpapier zum kostenlosen Download

Make a little joy

Because that's what friends are for. And family. Grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. Educator and teacher. Vacation friendships. The baker's wife. And the postman. And if you take it exactly, actually all of them, at all. Because everyone is happy about nice mail, especially when you can really pick it from the mailbox in the hallway or at the garden gate. Blue ink on white paper, maybe even some nice souvenir photos ... Oh, that makes your heart open. And when would be a better time to send a little love to others than now? 

So write again!

... first of all, please put your email address in this field so that we know where we can send the stationery to you. And then you can start looking forward to it right away and change the cartridge in the fountain pen, because it will soon be in your mailbox for free and downloadable. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?
We hope you enjoy shipping! #spreadlovenotvirus

PS: Because it is sometimes even a tiny bit nicer if you make it yourself, we have also given you our small prints stationery to color in yourself. And maybe there is someone in your family who can't really write yet, but is already squeaky with the crayons? Because what are grandma and grandpa more excited about than a little heart-warming children's art? PPS: If you prefer to write shorter but more often, then we have it here wonderful greeting cards to you. Liebe versenden mit Kleine Prints

Remember the stationery on Pinterest!

We know how das is the case with full heads. So remember your favoriteSimply put stationery on Pinterest so you don't feel like it anymore when you want to get on with the next lettert. Besides, sharing is caring and who knows, maybe someone else will be happy? Briefpapier zum kostenlosen Download

Did the DIY fever seize you? Well then you to:

Sugar-sweet DIY: street chalk in ice shape The last few weeks have been wonderfully sunny, the birds are chirping outside and there is a smell of flowers everywhere: Spring is finally here. And with it the time for colorful streets. In this DIY tutorial, we will show you how you can easily make your own favorite chalk for painting outside.
PS: Is also suitable for rainbows ;-) Straßenkreide DIY


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