Book tip from the heart: "All inclusive" by Mareice Kaiser

Buch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice Kaiser Today there is another premiere at Kleine Prints, more precisely: here in the Kleine Prints stories! Because for the first time we are dedicating a blog article entirely to a single book. This book has ours Founder Eva on her six week Family road trip in summer 2018 read - and it touched her so much that she wanted to share it with you and other blog readers. In the following, Eva reports on ...

»All inclusive: from life with my disabled daughter« by Mareice Kaiser

As mentioned in the introduction, I read this particular book on our trip this summer. It touched me deeply and sometimes I sat there reading and crying on the beach. By the way, I was asked why I read "something so sad" on vacation. I think to myself: why shouldn't I read it on the beach, on vacation? What Mareice describes is actually a completely normal part, a facet of life and maybe it is even easier for you to open your heart to other people's difficult experiences when you are doing very well yourself and are relaxed? In any case, I have regretted this vacation reading to zero percent and think that the topic concerns everyone. Buch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice KaiserBuch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice Kaiser

What's the matter?

As the title suggests, she writes Journalist and blogger Mareice Kaiser about life with her disabled daughter. Mareice has two daughters. The older of the two, named Greta in the book, is severely disabled, the smaller one was born healthy. Mareice writes very rousing about her experiences, takes us as readers into her emotional world and to the everyday challenges that she is constantly faced with as a mother of a disabled child: bureaucratic hurdles, stupid sayings and much more. Buch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice KaiserBuch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice Kaiser In addition, it also shows the emotional challenges that the situation itself, but also the often inappropriate, clumsy handling of other people with the family has repeatedly triggered. She writes what all these unexpected difficulties have done to her and how she and her partner have learned to deal with them. Mareice is always incredibly open and direct, which I find just great, extremely informative and admirable.

Why I heartily recommend this book

I can only heartily recommend everyone to read Mareice's book! The topic of inclusion is one that is still neglected in our society and that many of us are probably not even aware of. As parents, we are just happy to have healthy children (we are absolutely allowed to be !!!). But very few of us consciously care about how families may fare when this is not the case. And I think: something can change about that! According to the book, only 5% of disabilities are congenital, 95% are only acquired at some point in life. Such a fate can meet each of us, even if we first have a healthy baby. By mentioning this fact, I do not want to scare anyone, of course, but rather encourage more compassion and empathy (instead of "pity") towards affected families. Buch-Tipp von Herzen: "Alles inklusive" von Mareice Kaiser If your family were affected - would you like to be treated like "lepers"? Would you like to be avoided because most of them don't know how to deal with your fate? Would you like to have the life of the authorities made "extra difficult", even though you already have enough to do with coping with your everyday life and your emotions? So I think I would like to be able to live a "normal" family life and completely normal friendships, as far as it is possible. And in my opinion, this is exactly what we should support and make possible for affected families - especially when we are not affected ourselves and are not confronted with these special challenges in our lives. But in order to be able to support, we must first become aware of the challenges. Mareice Kaiser's book sensitizes and helps us readers to recognize how important it is to be supportive and open with people with disabilities and their families. So: everyone off to the bookstore and get this valuable work! Fotobuch für Kinder: Mama und ich

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Image sources - cover image: Eva Malawska, portrait of Mareice: Charlotte Schreiber, dunes: Alice Donovan Rouse via, images 4 to 6: Mareice Kaiser, photo book: Eva Malawska / Team Kleine Prints

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