Favorite books for daycare kids: classics, insider tips & more

Bücher für Kindergartenkinder You can never get enough of books - they take us into completely strange worlds, inspire our imagination and make us forget our sometimes hectic everyday life in no time. This of course also applies to our mini bookworms, even if they cannot read at all. For them, too, books keep opening up new worlds, helping to get to know life and broadening their horizons. Today, Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawska tells you which books her daughter Lotta (6) likes to read and what helps her when choosing a book for Lotta:

If you want to become a bookworm, you practice early: books for kindergarten children

I found and still find it important to accompany and familiarize Lotta with books from a very young age. Because dealing with books not only opens up completely new worlds and trains the imagination, it also naturally introduces our little Schietbüdel to reading or learning to read. Bücher für Kindergartenkinder At home it has long been a kind of little "family ritual" that Lotta comes to bed with a few of her books on the weekend, makes herself comfortable and immerses herself in the books. It goes without saying that she and all of us are totally comfortable.

Wonderful classics and annoying favorites

I think it's great that Lotta is still getting to know some books that I myself know from my childhood. She loves classics such as Lotta from Krachmacherstrasse, Pippi Longstocking, the little witch or Pettson and Findus. We often read to her from these books. "Unfortunately," like so many children, Lotta also likes books that are not particularly popular with me. I just say: Conni. I don't like the books at all, partly because the mother represents such a weird image of mother / woman in them. Conni's mother is so patient, never gets loud, does everything right and allows everything. So it's all very realistic, isn't it ?! (Not.) Be honest: Conni's mother is annoying, isn't it? Well, but the kids just love Conni, I have the feeling that somehow you can't avoid it, right? For example, the Pixi book "Conni in the hospital" had to be read 100 times. I want Lotta to be able to develop freely, and if she absolutely has to read these books, I will of course grudgingly join in - many of you probably know that.

The most beautiful friend book for daycare children

Now that has nothing directly to do with reading, but the friend book from Carlsen Verlag * for children from 3 years I just have to mention at this point! The great thing about this friend book: It is intended for brushing, stamping, gluing, etc., so the children can fill it in themselves, even if they cannot write yet. They can let off steam in a super creative way. A really good idea!


The tiptoi books* are slowly becoming a classic. Lotta loves the books and can spend hours with them alone, she likes the tiptoi songbooks the most, but of course that varies from child to child.

Books on selected topics

I think it's great that there are more and more great books to accompany "special" topics to which parents as a parent may sometimes struggle for answers. For example, I recently got recommended two beautiful children's books on the subject of funerals, which we then bought for Lotta: "Erik and the grandpa ghost" * and "The best funerals in the world" *. Bücher für KindergartenkinderBücher für Kindergartenkinder So there are actually really good, well thought-out children's books on a lot of topics, but some of them can only be found after some research. Unfortunately, there is also a lot that I would call not necessarily valuable, see above, haha. If you want to save a lot of the research work and reliably get great books, you can of course also seek advice in a children's or family bookstore run with a lot of love and expertise. I can do that for the Stuttgart region, for example the letter very recommended. Here in Hamburg there is at Loud + go great selected children's books and other nice things. If you have recommendations for other regions / cities, please send them to us and we will add them here in the article.

A few more personal favorites

In the event that you are just looking for great books for kindergarten children, I have put together a small, personal all-time favorite selection from Lotta's bookshelf: Bücher für Kindergartenkinder All titles and authors in our small selection: "The little tiger needs a bike" * from Janosch "The Queen of Colors" * by Jutta Bauer "Professor Pfeffers Animal Adventure" * by Katrin Wiehle "My donkey Benjamin" * by Hans Limmer & Lennart Osbeck "In the flower sky" * by Sophie Reinheimer "The big Hamburg explanatory book" * by Jörn Tietgen "We'll be back later, we have to go to Africa shortly" * by Oliver Scherz and Barbara Scholz

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