Camping Switzerland: 2 great places & our equipment tips

Camping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen Last week our founder Eva Malawska told you about her great 2019 family camping summer vacation in France reported. Today we continue with part 2 of the travelogue. In it, Eva reveals to you the Swiss stations of this year's summer holiday as well as some of her lessons and tips & tricks after the second longer camping holiday. Let's go: (Note: This article contains affiliate links and thus advertising for other companies. You can find out more about affiliate links at the end of the article.)

Camping holiday in Switzerland: Camping Giessen im Binntal (1 night)

Our first stop on the "Switzerland stage" was the Binntal and there the campsite, which we were actually most looking forward to on this trip: Camping Giessen. This campsite is located in a high valley with the Binntal, at almost 1500 meters. The location is unique, beautiful and idyllic - a small stream runs nearby and, of course, you are surrounded by mountains. It's just breathtakingly beautiful. We have chosen a parking space near the stream under a small bush. Camping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen Unfortunately, the first night there was a sharp cold snap and suddenly it was only 4 degrees, which is not unusual for mountain locations. However, we weren't even prepared for it, didn't even have suitable sleeping bags for such temperatures. During the night I was so unbelievably frozen that I never slept - despite many layers of clothes that I had put on in the meantime! Unfortunately, Lotta froze just as hard. Everyone was allowed to make their own open fire on the campsite. Actually great. That night though ... not like that. Perhaps you can imagine what the air will be like if 38 people suddenly light a "small" open fire at the same time. So it was not only mega cold in the roof tent, but also mega stuffy, which ultimately gave me a headache. That was anything but relaxing and there was no longer any trace of the fresh mountain air, so unfortunately we moved on the next day. That's how it works ... The campsite is still great, I would go there again! But I would definitely take other gear with me, especially a warmer sleeping bag. And next time I wouldn’t choose a parking space by the bushes, because the fire air was totally fixed there, but one on the large meadow! Well, what do you say? Learned something again!

Excursions: Aletsch Glacier and Rhone Glacier

From the campsite we went up to the Aletsch Glacier the next day (the last part with the Eggishornbahn). This is a really great opportunity when you're in the area: take a look at a real glacier! We took incredibly beautiful pictures there again and the whole scenery is super impressive. Camping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen You can spend hours there, there is even a predetermined small meditation route with instructions on how to "soak up energy" - that is really nicely done. From the Aletsch Glacier, we continued to the Rhone Glacier. There you can really go into the glacier: there is a glacier cave where you can actually touch the glacier. Camping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen What is mega blatant and sad about it: The cave has to be moved further every year, because this glacier is the fastest melting glacier in the Alps. It melts 7 to 10 meters a year! Lotta's father was there before when he was a child himself and he could remember that the entrance to this glacier cave was much, much closer then than it is now. That was very frightening and scary, climate change live. At the same time, the glacier itself was simply beautiful and there was a personal highlight for me: I saw a marmot for the first time in my life! That was very close, maybe five to eight meters away from us, a totally great experience. Camping Schweiz - unsere ErfahrungenCamping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen

Second stop: TCS Camping in Disentis (4 nights)

The TCS campsite in Disentis is a mega good place, well thought out; unfortunately also correspondingly expensive, especially by German standards, since Switzerland is a bit more expensive anyway. We paid around 65 francs per night. But we got a 10% discount with our ADAC card, so it's worth having one with you. (TCS is something like the Swiss ADAC.) Camping Schweiz - unsere ErfahrungenCamping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen The campsite itself is wonderful, beautiful; we will certainly go there again. It is located at the source of the Rhine and you can sit comfortably by the Rhine in the evening. For the children there is even "gold panning" by the river, fun and a nice idea in itself. But we didn't do it because the other guests said that they hadn't found any gold;) There is also a little tourist swindle involved, hehe. The campsite also has a really great playground for children: a water playground with a raft and great equipment; Lotta didn't want to leave and also said that it was the most beautiful campsite for her. We stayed there for four nights and did a mountain bike tour from there. (We had our own bikes with us.) We had chosen the "easy" route of the mountain bike tour, but unfortunately it was still a bit too strenuous for Lotta (7). I thought the tour was great, but with children - even if they are very fit - you definitely have to see if it's not too much for them! Another great thing about this campsite was that you got a guest card with which you could take the bus directly from the campsite to the city for free. From there you could take the Glacier Express to the mountain railways - also free with the guest card from the campsite! You could also use the ski lifts with the guest card. That's why the 65 francs per night was really worth it. Camping Schweiz - unsere ErfahrungenCamping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen

Conclusion of our camping summer holiday 2019

What I found super cool about this three-week summer vacation was the combination of the sea (see part 1: France) and Bergen, it was so perfect for me. Another highlight was definitely the many wonderful people we got to know in these three weeks, I still benefit from the nice encounters today. In terms of equipment, we have already done a lot better this year than on this 2018 trip, thanks to our increased experience!

Camping like a pro: tips for equipment

Gruezi bag for children

Lotta has one Gruezi Bag sleeping bag* - this is a sleeping bag that grows with the child and offers a great price-performance ratio. Lotta loves the sleeping bag more than anything, she often doesn't want to get out of there at all. So seems very cozy.

Clothes box with packing cubes

We always have a box of clothes with us on a camping holiday Packing cubes* included. With us, every family member has the packing cubes in a different color, so you know immediately who owns what. So it is always tidy and tidy - provided that everyone always puts their things back in the right clothes pockets, hehe.

Tarp tent

Our Tarp tent* we already had it with us last year. This year it proved even more effective than last year! It's fantastic when you simply set up the tarp on the beach and can then enjoy the whole day on the beach in the shade. I'm absolutely no sun worshiper, I always have to have shade - it's perfect for that; and always with children anyway.

Blankets from Voited

On this trip we had two new blankets from Voited* included. Voited is a start-up that makes great camping blankets from recycled PET bottles. The blankets can also be put together to make a poncho, knotted together to form a large blanket and even used as a sleeping bag. The blankets are super practical. You can just put them on a damp surface (water-repellent) and frostbite like me always have something with you to snuggle up to when it gets cold. Camping Decke von VoitedCamping Decke von Voited Plus: The design of the Voited ceilings is wonderful. Not entirely irrelevant for design freaks like me. Attention: With the code KLEINEPRINTS20 you get a 20 percent discount at Voited. So be sure to stop by there, click here for the website *.

Camping kitchen box

For those who, like us, are traveling with a car on a camping holiday and also have to cook, I strongly recommend a kitchen box. Lotta's father built one of these out of wood for us, based on instructions from the Internet, which he modified a little himself. On top is the gas cooker and underneath all the pots, cutlery, plates, etc., so that everything for cooking can always be found in one place! Camping Schweiz - unsere Erfahrungen We learned the sense of a kitchen box "painfully" on our 2018 trip. We had different boxes and always had to look for and clear out a lot, that was sometimes really annoying! We have significantly optimized this this year with the help of the kitchen box, it is definitely worth gold.

Wash clothes on the way back!

One last fat recommendation: wash your laundry on the way back! There are washing machines and dryers on almost every campsite. We did it again this year and I can only say that it has extended the holiday feeling for me personally a lot. It was a wonderful feeling to know that we would come home with clean laundry in our luggage. No mountains of laundry. All you have to do is sort in the closet and then chill out and let the holiday end. I will always do that in the future! Fotobuch für Kinder

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