The Kleine Prints birthday calendar for download

Kleine Prints Geburtstagskalender Freebie zum kostenlosen Download I know, I know, it was long time everywhere and actually I don't really understand why I didn't come up with the idea of the birthday calendar much earlier. But it doesn't really matter, because the main thing is: Now it's finally here. The Kleine Prints birthday calendar for free download.

The stylish birthday calendar in the Kleine Prints design

From now on, the parties can be celebrated as they come, because with this sneaky reminder, nobody will slip through you. In addition, this piece of jewelry is sure to be an absolute highlight on your wall - I mean, have a look! The best thing about it: It's timeless and you can use it every year. And again. And again. And again ... Simply download the stylish and probably most beautiful birthday calendar of all time and print it out. Then hang it in the kitchen, on the refrigerator, on the pin board in the hallway or in the office and write down who is dear to you and who is important to you. 

Download and print now for free.

Are you already tingling your fingers? Come on then, what are you waiting for? Simply enter your fixed email address in the form and check your mailbox for the confirmation email. Now you just have to click on the link once more (you already know, the matter of data protection) and then the birthday calendar will come into your mailbox. 

Make a note of the Kleine Prints birthday calendar on Pinterest!

I know how it is with full heads. So just remember this pretty thing here on Pinterest (I do that too!), you don't feel like that anymore. In addition, sharing is caring and who knows, maybe you will make someone else happy with it. Kleine Prints Geburtstagskalender Freebie zum kostenlosen Download

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