A photo book for Lotta: The story of Kleine Prints

Eva Malawska mit Lotta, Kleine Prints

The very personal story behind Kleine Prints, the photo book for children

Our products are created with a lot of passion - and have a very special story. Of course, we don't want to withhold this from our dear customers, fans and readers. That is why our founder Eva Malawska writes personally today about the creation of our special photo book for children. The Kleine Prints team hopes you enjoy reading!

How it all began - my very own little prints story

It was in 2014, our Lotta was 18 months old and she loved photos even then. She couldn't get enough of all the pictures of herself, of mom and dad, of grandma and grandpa, and of friends. Lotta was already having a lot of fun looking at photos. However, the one who had less fun was me and especially my iPhone. You probably know that too: On the one hand, you and your child are happy that they enjoy the pictures. But on the other hand, it can be quite exhausting when the little ones are constantly slapping around on their smartphones and ideally licking it off happily. I was also looking for a nice way to give Lotta photos of her favorite people to accompany them during the daycare acclimatization - a few beloved, familiar faces to support them in the otherwise completely new environment! So I went looking for one beautiful, stylish photo book that I wanted to design for Lotta. There are many photo products on the market. But what I was looking for? Unfortunately not. None of what I found corresponded in design and quality to what I wanted to give our daughter.

Itself is the woman

So I came up with the idea of simply making the perfect, most beautiful, loving photo book for Lotta myself. Design and creation, the selection of the best materials and so on - all of this was easy for me as a trained graphic designer and I really enjoyed it. I quickly had a great first product for Lotta. From then on, it didn't take long and my company Small prints was born. My gut feeling told me from the start that a photo book for children would surely appeal to other parents too. In contrast to the design, the technical side of the whole thing, i.e. print data creation, transmission and printing, were a great challenge for me. Because of course I wanted to offer my products at a reasonable price. I was in contact with many potential service providers and sometimes thought to myself: "None of that will work." Fortunately, I finally found a great print shop in Hamburg with which I still work very closely today. In October 2014, Kleine Prints finally went online - like a baby after a good 9 months of preparatory work - and business slowly but surely started up in the coming months. But one little extra push certainly couldn't hurt ...

I want to know - off to the lion's den

At the beginning of 2015 I have a three-line to the Lions' den cleverly. Nothing wild, just a brief description of who I am and what I do. After all, a little PR couldn't harm my small business. The editorial team called the day after my email and shortly afterwards they visited me for a casting in Hamburg. Everything sounded great, as if they found Kleine Prints really interesting but then I didn't hear anything for months. I hadn't expected an appearance on the show anymore. But when I came home from a meeting with the printer one Wednesday afternoon and turned on my cell phone, it rang immediately. At the other end: The VOX! Could I come to Cologne to film on Monday ...?! Of course, I had to take this chance! Then everything happened very quickly. I prepared for the presentation of Kleine Prints to the “Löwen” and got a lot of helpful tips from the editorial team. The recording was a lot of fun and my only worry That the lions would take me apart completely fortunately was unfounded. In addition to the obligatory criticism from Frank Thelen, the feedback for my photo book was consistently positive. And in the end there was even a deal with Lencke Steiner! A wonderful day! I drove back from Cologne totally euphoric. After that, nothing happened for a while. The recording had taken place in March and I didn't hear from Lencke again until July when we decided that an investment at this point in time would not be the right thing to do. So I just continued to concentrate on my business, which had exciting tasks in store for me every day anyway.

Small prints on TV - what a blast!

In October 2015 the "Den of the Lions" finally aired and what happened next exceeded all my expectations: First of all our server collapsed hopelessly although I had it expensive to upgrade especially for the broadcast. An unbelievable flood of orders came in, which pushed us to our logistical limits (and beyond!). Besides, I had 1000 emails in the mailbox overnight and didn't even know where to start! The orders did not decrease until Christmas - a dream for my business and at the same time a very, very exhausting time for me. I worked an incredible amount and finally still had my little daughter whom I wanted and had to look after. Fortunately, since the beginning of 2016 our logistics have been upgraded to such an extent that everything is no longer so “crazy” and intense for me. I am incredibly happy with the great path my small company has taken from the very beginning. And I am very grateful for everyone who accompanies this path, who shares our love for high quality products and maybe even becomes the next happy customer of Kleine Prints. I hope you enjoy our blog, the Kleine Prints stories! Eva Malawska, Kleine Prints, Höhle der Löwen

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