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Kleine Prints Team: Alica Well, ready for another grenade from Kleine Prints? And this time I don't mean a new one Design Edition of our beloved photo book for children, no, today it's going to be a bit more personal again. Because as you know, I'm gradually introducing the girls from my team to #crewlove. So you know my right (and sometimes left) hand by now Sylvi, our marketing ace Anika, Suzannewho took care of the Kleine Prints communication for a long time and Judithwho has been following in her footsteps since the beginning of the year. Well, and from myself I've already told you. And today, today it's our turn to design star Alica. Alica is studying communication design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and has been supporting me for around two years.

5 questions for Alica

When you think back to your childhood, what are your favorite memories?

My favorite memories of my childhood are the long summer days during the summer vacation. I grew up very rural. Then it was time to get up, have breakfast, brush your teeth, put on any tangible cycling shorts and any T-shirt to spend the whole day outside with my siblings or friends. Then trees were climbed, clubhouses were built, feet were hung in the creek, hidden in the cornfield and a lot of things were painted with chalk. In the evening we were called in and had to wash our pitch-black feet before we fell into bed. Kleine Prints Team: Alica

What do you like most about your work as a graphic designer for small prints?

I enjoy that my work is so varied and that's why it never gets boring. Every working day always looks a little different. Regardless of whether it's about graphic work, building and decorating sets for photo shoots or small video shoots or helping Eva with new product ideas. There is a lot of love in everything and when similar work is due again, it is still never the same as before, because we always make sure to bring in a breath of fresh air. In addition, I am not seen as a temporary worker, my ideas and opinions are very happy to be heard and taken seriously. Kleine Prints Team: Alica

What do you love to do when you are not making the most beautiful designs at Kleine Prints?

I've been trying my hand at dancing lately. I started contemporary dancing a year ago and am now trying my hand at ballet. When I'm with my family in winter, I also like to go to the mountains to snowboard. Otherwise, my everyday life mainly revolves around my master’s degree, for which I am very happy and give a lot of time.

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

I like to capture little things from my everyday life, even things that seem insignificant at first glance, which simply capture a feeling for me in the moment. The iPhone is enough for me. For special occasions I take out my analog camera, an old Minolta x-700. I love the moment when I hold the developed pictures in my hand and at first don't even know what exactly I photographed and whether the pictures turned out well. And these photos are not simply lost in bulk like the photos on the smartphone. I collect them in a big box and whenever I feel like it, I can get this box out and rummage through old photos! Kleine Prints Team: Alica

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

One aspect is already fulfilled with the anyway Small prints products: not to forget beautiful photos on cameras or smartphones, but something to design what you can hold in your handwhat surrounds you! You can simply dare to try it because it so many beautiful designs / illustrations etc. indicates that you can't really go wrong yourself. I think an idea from Kleine Prints is great - not only to capture memories, but also "Learning books" for children to design. Whether they are there to learn to count or to read, with accompanying photos of loved ones, of cuddly toys or toys, learning is definitely a lot more fun! Photos: Alica private If you want to see more of Alica, you can find her at @aaalicaaa on Instagram. Kind auf Geschwisterchen vorbereiten - Geschwisterbuch

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