"Outside in the garden" - A new design for our children's photo book

Eva zeigt ihre neue Design Edition "Draußen im Garten" Everything starts with a fixed idea - including a new design for our beloved one Kleine Prints children's photo book. It was winter, gray, cold and wet and we talked about what we missed most at the moment. And what we would look forward to most if spring only finally arrived. We raved a bit about snowdrops, delicate green with cherry and apple blossoms, and generally about the splendor of blossoms in which the world is wrapped in April at the latest. And then, bang, we were already in May with cozy temperatures, woodruff shower and rhubarb cake.

Summer in the garden - close enough to touch

We dreamed of asparagus and the first strawberries, cozy afternoons in the park. (Haha, okay, that's a little difficult right now, but you can still dream!) We could almost smell him, the whiff of charcoal in the air when someone in the neighborhood lights his grill. Sonderedition Fotobuch für Kinder "Draußen im Garten"

Do you remember the days outside in the garden?

But then we really indulged when it came to hours of turmoil in the garden behind the house. Or earlier weeks in the country with grandma and grandpa, huh ... Because summer vacation, we agreed that they were always the greatest for us. Be outside from the first ray of sun until late in the evening, dash barefoot across fields and nibble on juicy, sweet, red berries straight from the bush. Listen to the chatter of the geese and lie in blooming meadows. Picnicking in the shade of old trees, picking cherries, hanging over their ears and the first ones sitting on the tree nibbling, including spitting cherry stones. Sip homemade lemonade and fall into bed happily in the evening with skin smelling of the sun and dirty feet, while bats circling, crickets chirp and a nightingale sings somewhere in the distance. What a time, kind of magical and wonderful.

Sonderedition Fotobuch für Kinder "Draußen im Garten"

Everything is new in May

That was the birth of the design idea for the next Kleine Prints special edition. And because May makes everything new, today we present a bit jittery and hopping inside in front of friends: "Out in the garden ", our new design edition of the Kleine Prints photo book for children:
Sonderedition Kinder Fotobuch "Draußen im Garten"Aren't these illustrations loved everywhere? Please have a look! The strawberries, the daisies and all those lovely summer flowers! We are really excited (gnihihi, outside in the garden, just)!
Sonderedition Fotobuch für Kinder "Draußen im Garten"

Our new design edition "Outside in the garden" - available as a children's photo book and memo game

Well, and then one thing led to another, we almost staggered with design love and before we knew it, we weren't just planning ours Children's photo book in the garden edition. We also designed ours - and for the very first time ever customizable photo memo in the special edition. So while on the one hand the dearest faces, pets or cuddly toys of your little photo fan are shining, the most beautiful summer flowers are now blooming on the back of the playing cards. Almost too good to turn around, but an absolute feast for the eyes from both sides.
Foto Memory für Kinder selber machen We are madly in love with this summer joy and more than happy that we are for the new Design Edition Illustrator and graphic designer Michaela Patzner could win.
Illustratorin Michaela Patzner Michaela lives in Berlin and has been the mother of an adorable little daughter since 2016. When we asked her if she could imagine taking us into summer Kleine Prints photo book for children To get it, she was hooked on the spot and pulled out her pen straight away. The result was the wonderful and probably most summery design edition that you from today in our shop can design with your pictures.

Sonderedition "Draußen im Garten"

Here it goes to Michaela's Instagram profile.

Ps: Here you will find the best design ideas for our Kleine Prints photo books for children.

Pps: Eva was a guest at the Mompany Podcast and talked to Nora about Kleine Prints and the new Design Edition. You can the episode with Eva on Spotify hear or you just click here:


Remember the photo book + memo game on Pinterest!

We know how it is with full heads. So make a note of this mega gift idea for the next birthday, daycare farewell, school enrollment or for grandma and grandpa on Pinterest (We do that too!). This way, you no longer want it and you have it to hand when the event starts. Besides, sharing is caring and who knows, maybe you will make someone else happy with it.

Kleine Prints Sonderedition: Draussen im Garten

Photo credits: All images © 2020 Kleine Prints using images from unsplash.com and photocase.de

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