Avoid Christmas stress: 6 tips for a relaxed Advent

Weihnachtsstress vermeiden - so geht's The first Advent is in a few weeks. And like every year we find out: It's unbelievable how time flies! The (pre) Christmas season is generally considered to be a contemplative time in which we can all finally, finally switch off and drive down. But if you look at the city centers, offices & Co. in December, there is usually not much to see of contemplation. Christmas stress seems to have become normal, and the contemplation and quiet that actually belongs to this time of the year are an exception. Parents in particular often find it even more difficult to spend a relaxed Advent season, because life with children is basically quite busy. If there are then X additional tasks and activities, it can get really borderline. Therefore, today we present you with 6 tips with which you can use this originally so contemplative time as mums and dads to recharge your own batteries and experience a really nice Advent season with your children.

Advent, Advent and nobody runs

Everyday life with children is often exciting - incredibly beautiful and exhausting at the same time. When there is a Christmas party after the next and a stressful hunt for presents in Advent, you quickly feel like you are in a "pre-Christmas burnout". And that's a shame, when this time with its darkness and the cold outside actually creates the perfect conditions to make yourself cozy and comfortable inside. But with a few very simple measures it can be possible to get more rest and relaxation for you and your family.

Consciously reduce appointments

So that the pre-Christmas period remains really relaxed for you, it makes sense to make appointments from the end of November very consciously and not to set appointments in December that do not necessarily have to be. The umpteenth appointment request can then perhaps be postponed to the holidays after Christmas or to January. It doesn't matter whether it's about us adults or our little mice: what's the use of a coffee party or a game date that has been stuffed into the calendar with a bit of a bang and that actually causes even more stress? Perhaps a cozy afternoon on the sofa is the better choice between all the pre-Christmas activities.

Advent time - family time

A family afternoon like this doesn't need much preparation and is sooo good! If you want to reduce the Christmas stress, you can particularly focus on family time in Advent and should avoid unnecessary appointments that are stressful, as described. (Anyone who likes to plan the dates of the collected family ties in a particularly attractive way is at our family calendar at the right address!) Weihnachtsstress als Eltern vermeiden - so geht'sWeihnachtstress vermeiden - so funktioniert es! Read Christmas stories to each other, listen to radio plays, play your favorite games, massage your feet, take a long bath ... whatever your heart desires is the right thing and ensures that you can really enjoy this beautiful Advent.

Christmas stress: The attitude is also important

If we are honest with ourselves, a large part of the stress we experience is often self-made. Sure, there are all these requirements that are brought to us from outside, that cannot be dismissed out of hand. But who actually says that we have to meet all of these requirements? Yes, we can sometimes say no - to appointment requests, to raffles, to the fact that we are asked to contribute cakes or biscuits somewhere. If you only ever meet the needs of others, you end up burned out and caught cold under the Christmas tree. And nobody has any of that, right?

Get gifts early

Every year it is the same picture in the city centers - by mid-December at the latest it is often really crowded and quite uncomfortable. Long queues at the cash registers, stuffy department store heating air. Not an experience that one is thirsting for as a stressed mom or dad. Sure, for companies - especially small ones like us - it's great when business picks up again from mid-December. But for you, even as a private person, it is much more relaxed to think about in peace and quiet as early as November, with which you can make your little and big people happy and get them relaxed. Rushing through the shops on December 20th? Not with us ... If you want to make your child happy with a special photo present this year, take a look at our website: Ours Photo books for children are the absolute hit under the Christmas tree for all crèche and daycare children. Also ours personalized memory game and the puzzle from the children's favorite pictures are always very popular. Oh, and for grandma and grandpa, (godparent) aunt and uncle and co., We've also had something great on offer this year: Discover the one here stylish postcard calendar! So, now back to the fight against the Christmas stress!

Mamas, treat yourself!

Ok, we're not actually referring to women here, but actually the person who does most of the family work. But in most families, it's still the mothers! So if you are that person who does most of the family work that somehow never stops, ask yourself: When was the last time you did something really good for yourself? When did you treat yourself to a massage, an extensive sauna visit, a carefree evening at the cinema with the girls? If you cancel unloved, stressful Advent activities and buy gifts relatively early, you will surely find an appointment for the well-deserved portion of self-care, which mothers / parents usually miss out on anyway. And so you ring in the holidays much more relaxed than with hours of searching in stuffy department stores. Incidentally, we have more tips for more relaxation in everyday life with children in this article here collected for you.

Simplify and divide food preparation

Times have changed and officially we pay much more attention to a fair division of responsibilities in families today than was the case in our own childhood. Unfortunately, in reality it is often the mothers who do all the preparation of the Christmas dinner, which ideally also has to be totally refined and special. If you want to avoid Christmas stress, you can plan the Christmas dinner early, keep it simple and / or distribute the tasks / courses among several adults. In this way, the huge stress factor becomes a much smaller task and everyone can look forward to relaxing Christmas holidays! Weihnachtsstress vermeiden - schöne Geschenke frühzeitig besorgen

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