Relaxation in everyday life with children - that's how it works

For many of us, mastering everyday life with child (ren) is always a great challenge that we would never have dreamed of in the time before our children. How relaxed it was when we were only responsible for ourselves and our jobs. Ah, back then ... But even as mums and dads it is possible to specifically bring a little more relaxation into everyday life and not just rush from duty A to duty B and on to duty C all the time.

Relaxation with child - Ha. Ha.

Admittedly, relaxation with a child sounds like a complete contradiction at first. Sure, in the first year with the baby you can just sit comfortably in a café and sip a coffee or relax with a friend while your little sparrow sleeps in the stroller. But at some point it will be over once and for all. The bigger your child gets, the more it challenges you, of course - and the more action and less relaxation is in your everyday life!

Integrate time slots into everyday life without deadline pressure

In order to reduce stress for you and your child in a simple way, it helps if you regularly schedule specific time slots in which you can take small breaks from the daily routine. These can be very simple things: sometimes quit work an hour earlier, pick up the child earlier from daycare and off to the playground or the ice cream parlor. Spending a good time together without time pressure and everyday duties recharges the batteries a good deal and eases the otherwise often so busy day.

Relaxation for mothers: Allow yourself "Me-Time" without your child

Hand on heart: Relaxation for stressed parents sometimes just works best without a child. Many parents, and yes, we are mainly thinking of the mothers here, are much too strict with themselves on this point and have a guilty conscience when their child goes to daycare as normal and they have a nice day without a child. A day of wellness with the girls simply works wonders - and we treat ourselves to days like this far too rarely! Think about it: When was the last time you had a really nice wellness day for yourself or with your friends? And? Felt a hundred years ago? Then maybe it's time again! You know it yourself: When you are relaxed, your child is also relaxed and the whole family benefits from it! So why not treat yourself to a great day that your whole family will ultimately benefit from ?! Happy wife - happy life. There is something true about it.

Yoga with child

Of course, you can also experience relaxing activities with your child. At Kleine Prints, for example, we love yoga very much, because it offers a wonderful combination of deep relaxation and physical training. Especially with very young children, you can get your weekly load of relaxation without a babysitter - by having one Mom & Baby yoga class visiting. Your little sunshine is optionally included in the exercises, plays or simply sleeps on the mat next to you - appropriate providers are trained to optimally respond to the needs of mom and baby. With a little luck you will even find an offer for parent-child yoga that you can also attend with your older child!

Wellness with a child

In many larger cities and in selected wellness hotels in the country there are now spas that also offer massages and co. Tailored to children, and the trend is rising. How nice when you can just pack your best friend and not have to laboriously organize the children away, but just take them with you and you can recharge your batteries for a good portion of relaxation together. In the event that your little ones are not yet into wellness, many wellness oases often also have childcare on offer.

Relaxation in everyday life with children: routines help

Far away from yoga school and fancy wellness temples, there is one very everyday thing that can make your life much more relaxed: Routines! Routines really help when it comes to having a relaxed everyday life with children. Getting up at the same time every day, going to daycare at the same time, having dinner at the same time, going to bed at the same time and so on gives our minis security and brings peace to the whole family. However, this only works as long as you take your time for the routine and don't rush through the day and hastily check off every point. Therefore, the following also applies here: less is more. It is better to have fewer program items per day, tick them off and experience them intensely.

Parents: Support yourself and give yourself free time

Of course, when you have children, the need for time to yourself doesn't stop. (On the contrary !!!) Therefore, parents should always allow each other to spend this time: One parent has time for themselves - and the other then has togetherness with the child. Especially when one parent normally does the greater part of the care work, such “times for two” are great for deepening the parent-child relationship with the other parent too! This is why mothers in particular, who still usually bear the greater burden of care work, shouldn't have a guilty conscience at all if they want time alone or if they would like to spend a wellness weekend with a friend. On the contrary - mothers forget themselves and their own needs far too often and put themselves too far behind. So, dear mums: Demand and plan these islands of calm specifically for you so that you are well in the long term!

Well planned is twice as relaxed!

Sure, you can't foresee everything in life, especially not in the hustle and bustle of everyday life with children! But it helps extremely if you have what you can plan nicely and clearly available at a glance. This is particularly stylish with our wonderful family planner, the organizing genius for that extra dose of color in your home. Get to know him now: Gut geplant ist doppelt entspannt! Entspannung im Alltag mit Kindern

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