Better planning: design your own family calendar

Tolle Familienplaner und Familienkalender selbst gestalten bei Kleine Prints

Implement great design in high-quality, child-friendly photo products that last as long as possible and bring joy to the whole family. This is what makes the hearts beat faster at Kleine Prints, what makes us happy and motivates us every day - and what our fans and customers appreciate about us! In 2017 we expanded our product portfolio again with some great products. Especially ours Postcard calendar and Family calendar to design yourself huge approval among old and new Kleine Prints fans. (Thank you for the great feedback from everyone!) Today we are going to present you our calendars and planners again in detail.

Design great family calendars yourself

All of our calendars are of course in the popular Kleine Prints design: clear, colorful, stylish, simply a feast for the eyes! Our Family calendar consists of twelve monthly pages plus a stylish title page, on which you can of course also insert a photo. All in all, there is space for 13 of your favorite photos on this calendar - maybe particularly fond memories from last year or 13 favorite people? As with all Kleine Prints products, there are no limits to your imagination.
Familienkalender selbst gestalten bei Kleine Prints To design this great photo calendar, just go to our shop, upload your 13 favorite pictures into our practical design software and drag them onto the corresponding calendar sheets where you would like them to be. The whole thing is super uncomplicated. Incidentally, we generally recommend that you create a customer account and log in to design your products. So you can save your beautiful photo calendars, photo books and Co. at any time during the design process and continue later - which can't hurt in a busy life with children ...

Organization to the power of 12: The family planner

In response to popular requests from the Kleine Prints community, our chief designer (and boss) Eve this neat organization designed. With its 6 columns per month sheet the family planner Space for all appointments of a family - even a slightly larger one! Tolle Familienplaner und Familienkalender selbst gestalten bei Kleine Prints As usual, you just look for your 12 favorite pictures (or 13, if you want to use one especially for the front page!), Jump over to the shop and on to our practical designer. Then you just insert the desired pictures in the desired places, type in the names of the hopefully not overly planned family members and then complete your order. Zack - soon afterwards you will have a wonderful family planner in your home. Tolle Familienplaner und Familienkalender selbst gestalten bei Kleine Prints It doesn't get any better than that, right? The Kleine Prints team wishes you a lot of fun with the beautiful planner!

Discover the Schnieken postcard calendar

We also have this special treat from our calendar team for you: the pretty, colorful calendar in postcard format. Familienkalender selbst gestalten Our Postcard calendar 1A is suitable as a Christmas present for grandparents, aunts, uncles & Co. But of course it also looks great at home - for example as a decoration on the wall, (fridge) cupboard, on the desk or wherever you still have a little space for a pack of photo love. The calendar can be attached to almost any location with pretty tape. Alternatively, you can simply put it in the beautiful wooden postcard holder, which you can order directly from us in the shop. If you are as in love with recycling as we are, you can finally send the expired calendar sheets as postcards to dear friends and relatives. If you are now in the mood for a unique postcard calendar with your heart people on it, quickly find your twelve favorite photos, jump right over and start creating. We wish you a lot of fun! (PS: even more Great postcards from Kleine Prints are available here!) Familienkalender selbst gestalten

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Photo credits: All images come from the Kleine Prints team (Eva Malawska / Alica Pfister) using images from Sarah Winborn and

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