Unique photo books for your child: Me book and more

Fotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints Tadaaa! Kleine Prints will be four (!) Years old this month. Four years lie behind us full of exciting ideas, great products, tricky challenges, long working days and of course full contact with the greatest fans and customers in the world! You can find out more about the founding history of Kleine Prints in this article: "A photo book for Lotta" On the occasion of our fourth birthday, we not only came up with a super duper mega-great anniversary campaign for you (see below for more on this). No, we also have a few very popular "themed photo books" that we have seen you create beautifully over and over again in recent years. So, beware, there is a huge load of inspiration for small and large photo fanatics!

Popular themed photo books for children: Das Ich Buch

The I-book! Such a wonderful idea and design opportunity. With the first-person book you illustrate the unique character of your child in a magical way and you can capture in pictures how much they are loved. Ich Buch für Kinder For children, the first-person book is a great way to help them feel their own safe place in the world and, for example, to show their own world to their new day-care center buddies. Ich Buch für KinderIch Buch für Kinder In addition, the first-person book can of course be a mega-beautiful memory for the time when our little Schietbüdel grow up one day. Yes, we know, we don't want to think about it, please don't come so quickly. But everyone who has such a lovingly designed first-person book from their own parents at home knows what a wonderful memento it is. Here you can design a very personal first-person book for your little sunshine. Ich Buch für KinderIch Buch für Kinder

Sweet memory: the photo book "My First Vacation"

This great design variant of our photo book also has the potential to become a beloved companion of your child for many years - and maybe even for a lifetime ?! Urlaubs-Fotobuch für Kinder Your first vacation together with child is a very special experience, of course primarily for you as parents! Since your child is probably still so young at the time of their first vacation that they will not be able to remember this special trip for long, the photo book is a particularly nice gift. Urlaubs-Fotobuch für KinderUrlaubs-Fotobuch für Kinder The very first vacation is something special and your child will probably still be there primary school like to show friends - or cuddle up with you on Sunday afternoons on the sofa and indulge in the common "memory". Here you can design your beautiful holiday photo book.

Learning by playing: number and color photo book

Learning numbers and colors is sooo much fun! Especially with your own, very individual number and / or color photo book. Buch zum Zahlen lernen für KinderBuch zum Zahlen lernen für Kinder For this photo book you use the favorite toys of your loved one and very simple household items, handicraft accessories and Co. to illustrate numbers and colors in an absolutely unique and individual way for your child. Learning has never been so nice for our little, curious world explorers - an absolute super gift for toddlers. (And a great job for DIY fanatical parents like Eva, hehe, you can really let off steam creatively!) Buch zum Farben lernen für KinderBuch zum Farben lernen für Kinder Here in the Kleine Prints shop you can design your very own color or number book. We'll be presenting even more great design ideas to you here on the blog in a few weeks. Until then, be sure to check out our super duper anniversary promotion:

4 years, 4 editions - only until October 31, 2018!

As already mentioned at the beginning, we at Kleine Prints have a lot to celebrate this month and therefore - hard to believe, but true - four wonderful special editions of our popular photo book are in the shop for you again throughout October! These are the following editions: Noé & Zoë (spring 2016), byGraziela Eisenbahn (autumn 2016), Greta's sister (spring 2017) and (spring 2018). As I said, the whole thing happens on the occasion of Kleine Prints' fourth birthday, which we will officially celebrate on October 9th. We sat together as a team a few weeks ago and thought about how we could really celebrate this occasion in a fitting way. And since we keep getting inquiries on all channels as to whether we can offer this or every previous special edition again (which is unfortunately not technically feasible), we thought: When please, if not now? !! ! So, we're no longer chatting around, here we show you all 4 editions of the anniversary campaign at a glance:

Mrs. Ottilie

Clear the ring for this delightful special edition: Small prints meets Ms. Ottilie. The photo book edition with the popular label combines beautiful animal illustrations with the well-known Kleine Prints quality. Discover the beautiful drawings now and create a truly unique photo book for your darling! Kleine Prints Fotobuch für Kinder: Sonderedition mit Frau Ottilie

Greta's sister

Attention! Acute risk of falling in love! All small and large animal lovers and photo fanatics - keep your eyes open! Here we have a very special treat for you: Our cooperation with the enchanting Berlin label Greta's sister with the absolutely beautiful animal illustrations. (Yep, the decision should be difficult for many animal fans!) Fotobuch für Kinder Sonderedition Gretas Schwester

byGraziela Railway Edition

Hamburger Perlen are teaming up: This mega-beautiful edition is the second cooperation between Kleine Prints and the popular label byGraziela. The delightful byGraziela train motifs adorn this special edition of our photo book on every second page. With the striking, colorful patterns you give your little darling a very special joy! Fotobuch für Kinder Edition byGraziela

Noé & Zoë

Wham! How fondly we think back to this dreamlike, stylish edition with the great Berlin fashion label Noé & Zoë. And now it's back again, yeah! In this great edition, among other things, cute stripes, great polka dots and animal leopard prints put the very best motifs of your little Schietbüdel in the limelight. Fotobuch für Kinder Design-Edition

Not just great products!

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Photo credits: All images were created by the Kleine Prints team, some using stock photos from unsplash.com.

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