Organize photos: this is how you get the flood of images under control!

Fotos organisieren: So bekommst Du die Bilderflut in den Griff!
The ever better smartphone cameras are a dream for all photo lovers, big and small. With a few tweaks and something "know how" we can take wonderful snapshots at any time in everyday life, which then, for example in a magical photo book Find use. But the constant opportunity to take great (and sometimes not so great, no master has fallen from heaven) photos also has a downside. Because many of us sink into floods of images and when it comes to very special photos for the memory game or the next unique calendar Finding out for grandma and grandpa does not have to wait long for the next little everyday crisis ... We in the photo-loving team at Kleine Prints know the problem all too well and therefore - quite unselfishly, of course - we have a few thoughts on how to solve the problem Made photo flood problems. The result is a simple, yet very effective process:

Organize photos - this is how you will master the flood of photos

The "bad" news first: If you, like some of our team, have used the ostrich tactic for years - that is, simply ignored the growing flood of photos, then you will probably not get around investing a little time to to bring a basic order into your flood of images. Most of us have tens of thousands of photos flying around on smartphones, computers, in the cloud, on external hard drives and elsewhere.

First: come up with a suitable organizational structure

Our first recommendation is: Open your eyes once and for all. Use a day when you really have time and peace, and the children may be out and about all day or supervised to set up a structure for your future photo organization. If you cannot / do not want to allow yourself this luxury of time, maybe shovel a few evenings off instead of a whole day. It can be a bit time-consuming to do this, but in the future you will always have it mega easy and clear if you follow your structure reasonably reliably and sort your photos regularly (see below). Create a folder structure that is sensible and practical for you in a storage location of your choice. An obvious structure for everyday pictures is that according to years and months. So you create a folder for each year; and one more for each month. You can also create folders for special "events" so that you can always find the corresponding favorite pictures quickly. For example, in addition to the monthly folders in 2018, "Birthday child 1", "Vacation Portugal July", "Christmas", "Favorite pictures 2018" and so on. Meaningful folder names could be 2018_03_Bilder_March for everyday pictures from March or 2018_07_Urlaub_Portugal for the pictures from the July vacation. With such a simple structure you have already laid a solid basis for your personal favorite photo index. And then it's down to the nitty-gritty: Sorting! Fotos organisieren: So bekommst Du die Bilderflut in den Griff!

Second: does it make you happy or can it go away?

In the second step, you sort all your photos into the structure you have created. All of your photos? No, stop stop, NOT all of your photos! Because an absolutely helpful slogan on the way to the photo collection of your heart is, as so often in life: Less is more! Let's be honest: Nobody needs 30 almost identical pictures of the same motif. No, even your child will not be grateful to you as an adult when they have 1000 photos from their first ten days of life. Rely on quality instead of quantity. Select your two or three favorite pictures from identical motifs and delete the rest. Yes, just delete. It is not your child that you are deleting. It's just a photo. Or there are probably hundreds of photos that you can safely delete. Try to make the selection of the images you keep relatively quick and intuitive. Otherwise this process is not even feasible in terms of time for most of us. Of course, you can also skip this step and simply bring everything unfiltered into a structure that makes sense for you. But: Throwing away and reducing can be quite liberating, so maybe think twice before you skip the "delete step".

Third, everything in one place

Next tip: choose a single place to collect all of your photos. As already mentioned at the beginning, many of us have distributed their photos to two, three or even more different storage locations. Of course, that doesn't make it any easier when you're looking for a specific picture. Our absolute recommendation is one (or more) external hard drive (s) on which you can organize and save all photos according to the structure you have chosen. The absolute security freaks among us may back up all folders on two different hard drives - in the event that one should give up the ghost.Fotos organisieren: So bekommst Du die Bilderflut in den Griff!

Or do you prefer everything to the cloud?

Yes, clouds are super practical, especially for sharing photos and other files with other people quickly and easily. But when it comes to actually choosing ONE storage medium, an external hard drive is certainly the first choice for many parents. Many of us deliberately show our children not or unidentifiable in social networks. That makes sense too. However, it would then only be logical not to save your entire life from birth to the current day in a cloud. Because they are logically hackable too. A hard drive that is only occasionally connected to the PC for a short time is probably one of the safest storage options. As I said, clouds also have unbeatable advantages. Especially if several people in the family regularly take a lot of photos, it can make sense to simply insert all of their photos into the corresponding structure in the cloud. However, you should check the terms and conditions and data protection regulations of the respective provider beforehand.

Fourth, delete and back up regularly

So once you've invested the time and effort and finally created your personal, clear, practical photo organ structure (yippieh!), You'll be doing yourself a huge favor by maintaining it. It works really fast if you do it regularly. Just delete pictures from your phone / camera every few days, every week or at least once a month. All motifs that mean nothing to you, or of which you have ten or twenty virtually identical shots, can disappear again without much thought. In order to perfect your photo organization, you transfer the pictures from your cell phone and / or camera into your perfect folder structure at least every few months. You copy all your absolute favorite pictures directly into the corresponding favorite pictures folder - so you always have your very best snapshots available super quickly at a glance!

For the pros: work with special software and tags

If you want it a bit more professional, you can work with special photo management software and, if necessary, even add tags to your photos. Of course, this is even more complex than the procedure we suggested, but it also brings more structure and, above all, the ability to search for tags. You can find out more about this Find out in this article on For most of the people who "only" want to use and organize their photos privately, our approach should be sufficient. Do you have any better tips? We are happy to include your personal tips in this article. Just write us an email at

A life full of photo joy

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