Hello (new) baby: The birth cards in the Kleine Prints design

Schöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine Prints

It's a little bit like that with new products, so you'd want to grow a small plant. At the very beginning there is a thought as small and inconspicuous as a dot. You like it, want to see what becomes of it and put it lovingly in a small potty. If you are caught by the idea, this thought begins to germinate and soon shows the first green. Now it's time to stay tuned, watch, nourish and watch with a lot of patience as it begins to sprout. 

It was something like that with him back then Photo book for Lotta - it's not just one wonderful, child-friendly photo book it has grown into my own small company that I cherish and care for and of which I am very proud.

Now it was time for a new plant. So I planted, cherished and cared for a little thought and in the meantime something has grown that I would like to present to you today.

Schöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine Prints

A birth card as a present for the birth

It all began with a request from a good friend to design a card for her or to announce the birth of her little darling. She was halfway down the net stylish birth cards searched, which are cheerfully colorful, and never found anything. So I promised her one Birth card in the Kleine Prints design and a journey began.

I designed and designed and before I know it, I had it lots of beautiful baby postcards designed so that I couldn't decide. They only had one disadvantage: they couldn't be opened. So I went back to work and designed a few more Birth cards to open. Some time later, different variants were added. And because I just found one more beautiful than the other, I asked her to choose one. And the others ... I made anyway and decided to include them in my little shop for you. And there they are:

Schöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine Prints

The birth cards in the Kleine Prints design

The Cards to announce the birth Your little pecker is available in portrait and landscape format, as a simple postcard with a printed reverse side or as a folding card with even more space for all of your favorite sweets.

We print on very high-quality, solid natural paper that is velvety and soft to the touch and has a matt finish - this is how your little star is perfectly presented.

As with all Kleine Prints products, the design of the cards is very easy and peasy: Simply choose your favorite design, adjust the name and the dates of the new person, upload one or more photos, depending on the birth card, and that's it. After all, especially after the birth of a new miracle, you often have more important things to do than hang around the screen forever and you can use your time so much better. For example, by adoring and kissing the little creature that lies in the bed in front of you.

Schöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine Prints
Schöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine PrintsSchöne bunte Geburtskarten von Kleine Prints
I hope, my birth cards enchant you as much as I do and hope you enjoy browsing.

Eva Malawska von Kleine Prints
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Individualisierbare Geburtskarten im Kleine Pints Design

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