12 super nice gifts for the 2nd birthday

Geschenke zum zweiten Geburtstag Yippieh! The second birthday is just around the corner! The little sunshine is no longer a baby, but still pretty mini (luckily). If you are looking for gifts for your second birthday, you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of options. That is why we from the Kleine Prints team have put together a small selection of great gifts for you today, which our children and ourselves as mothers have given a lot of joy and still do.

Great second birthday gifts

Of course, our own selection is allowed in this fine selection high quality photo book for children not missing, but more on that later. Let's get started with our favorite gifts for the second birthday: Geschenke zum zweiten Geburtstag

1. Impeller

Sure, a balance bike is an absolute classic for a second birthday. Sometimes it even fits earlier, for some children even later. But in general, a balance bike is a great gift, because it helps our little sunshine unconsciously to prepare for learning to ride a bike and most of them have a lot of fun rushing through the area. (Yap, you always have to be careful, just like with beginners, you may know it.) Our current favorites are the balance bikes from woom and Banwood.

2nd doll

Another classic gift for a second birthday is a doll, for example this one from Götz *. If you already have children, you will know for yourself: Many little mini mums and mini dads simply adore their doll children. You can't really go wrong with this gift and ensure many hours of gaming fun.

3. Doll pram

For everyone who already has enough dolls - or if it may be a larger gift - a doll's pram is of course also a super nice gift that should also provide great joy! We find those of Brio * the greatest. They look like real strollers and the children love them very much because you can adjust so much with them - you can take out the carrier bag, you can use the stroller as a buggy, you can lay the baby flat, etc. A great toy! Completely different and also nice for smaller children: The Wooden dolls pram from ooh noo.

4. Wooden toys from Musterkind

Oh. Our. God. With the beautifully designed wooden toys from Musterkind, you would like to leave everything behind and play along yourself. (Which, luckily, we are often allowed to do, sometimes more than we would like, haha.) Our favorites are currently the Mixer*, the Coffee machine* and the Toaster*. But the entire Musterkind product range is actually a dream!

5. Toniebox

Yes! We are absolute Tonixebox* Fans! The box is very sturdy and the characters (the "Tonies") each contain a certain radio play, which is a great thing, especially for children who cannot read yet. If the child wants to hear a radio play, they simply place the corresponding figure on top of the box and off they go. It is also possible to play Tonies yourself. Just awesome!

6. Photo book with favorite people

Sure, of course, our photo book is simply a wonderful present for small children! Children absolutely love photos, regardless of whether they are a trusted companion in the daycare center, the first overnight visit to grandma and grandpa or simply every day as a favorite part in the children's room: with our photo book, your child will always have their favorite pictures with them. You can find it with us at the shop in different designs. Simply choose your favorite design and create a unique, unforgettable gift for your sweetheart! By the way: ours too Memory game and our puzzle are wonderful gifts for children from 2 years!

7. Book "Shake the Apple Tree"

Children, don't forget to read! An interactive book is simply a great gift for a second birthday. Many small children still love participating very much (which later often turns into the opposite, well) and there are many beautiful books such as this one here*which are also nicely illustrated.

8. Crayons or pencils

Lovely Wax painter * or Pencils* always go as a present for your second birthday! You can never have enough of that and our little artists can let off steam with them. But be careful: if it's too long in the nursery, you should pay attention, hehe, you know! Geschenke zum zweiten Geburtstag

9. Children's kitchen

A children's kitchen is a great gift for children from around 18 months, so it is perfect for their second birthday. It promotes creative, free play and makes most of the children we know a lot of fun! There are various suppliers of beautiful children's kitchens - sometimes you can still find great copies used. In our team, the Ikea children's kitchen is very popular because there are so many hacks on the Internet to make it even more beautiful and individual. (For example here at Limmaland!)

10. Cute backpack

If you don't have one yet, a children's backpack is definitely a nice gift idea for your second birthday! Your child would like to do more and more alone or "independently" and a cute children's backpack that you can pack yourself is of course just the thing. Our favorite is right now this one from Blafre.

11. Whale beanbag

For little master chillers. The (adult) minds split on beanbags, but for our minis they are usually a super duper nice gift and with this cute whale surely none of us "big ones" can say no, right ?! Especially if there is still some space in the children's room, a beanbag is a great thing to set up a small, cozy reading corner or something similar for your child!

12. More wooden toys

Ok, we just have to show you this. Yes, we already had wooden toys, but these shouldn't be missing. In addition to many other wooden toys, we also find that Nobodinoz ice cream shop and the Birthday cake from Kids Concept incredibly great. Oh, we already said it ... we'd like to play right away!

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