Healthy cooking for children: 5 great food blogs for families

Gesund kochen für Kinder: Diese 5 Foodblogs für Familien helfen Dir dabei! The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach. A somewhat absurd saying that has so much truth in it! Delicious, healthy food contributes significantly to a happy life, for us big ones as well as for our little Schietbüdel. And it brings us all together as a family at the dining table. Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawska is also an outspoken "foodie" and likes to deal with the topic of "healthy and tasty cooking for children and the whole family". Today she introduces you to her very favorite food blogs for families:

Tiny Spoon

Tiny Spoon is a really great, very creative blog. Founder Julia Radtke has meanwhile also written a book: "1 x cooking for ALL: One family, one meal" (published by Dorling Kindersley). The book is about cooking dishes so that there is something for everyone in the family. The dishes can be divided up in such a way that there is usually something for "more exclusive" children's tastes and the adults still don't have to constantly eat the typical children's meals. I myself cook in this way quite often: I put part of the dish aside for our daughter Lotta and prepare the rest differently for us adults. For example, I make chickpeas for Lotta, which I leave largely unseasoned, and then prepare the chickpeas for us adults with hot Moroccan spices. This way you can offer everyone at the table a delicious meal without having to cook three or four different dishes.

The gourmet

Also this blog I think it's really great. Here you will find many quick, everyday recipes. Founder Vanessa is also currently writing a book (which we can all look forward to), so she is currently publishing new blog posts a little less often. But it doesn't matter, because we readers can fall back on a well-structured archive, the recipes are divided into baby meals (6 - 12 months), toddler meals (1 - 3 years) and meals for the whole family. Gesund kochen für Kinder: Diese 5 Foodblogs für Familien helfen Dir dabei!Gesund kochen für Kinder: Diese 5 Foodblogs für Familien helfen Dir dabei!

Lunch lady

This Australian blog is one of my absolute "all time favorites". I love the super-colorful, well-designed website for its style alone! But the beautiful exterior is of course by far not all that Lunch Lady has to offer. The recipes are also always a hit! Usually they are very healthy and made super quick; it's always a lot of fun to cook them. In addition to the great blog posts, the Lunch Lady team publishes a quarterly print magazine, which I love very much! The magazine, like the blog, has great content, but here too my design geek heart beats faster again. The photos, the graphics, the entire design - an absolute blast!

Carrots for Claire

Carrots for Claire was the first blog I read when I first started looking specifically into healthy eating. Among other things, I find the story of the blog's genesis particularly exciting: The now two-time mum Veronika originally came across the topic of healthy eating due to the food intolerance of her daughter Claire at the time. On the blog you can read how this has gradually completely changed the life of the family. The recipes at Carrots for Claire are really super kid-friendly and Lotta loves almost everything I get from the blog or one of Veronika's two previously published books cook*. (Book number 3 is already in the works, I'm really excited!) A really great, personable blog and a great source of recipes!

Heavenlynn Healthy

OK, Lynn's blog is not a family food blog in the strict sense. But I just have to mention it here, because personally I get a lot of inspiration from this blog. If you heed the tips from the other blogs, you can also use Lynn's wonderful recipes for children very well. Then I just don't season part of the food quite as strongly or just mix the herbs in the adult portion instead of the whole meal. So you have relatively little work and fantastic food for everyone!

More tips and a favorite recipe

You can find more ideas about food on our Pinterest Board "Small Meal". Eva also has her personal information here on the blog Favorite recipe for sugar-free ketchup written down. Be sure to have a look! Gesund kochen für Kinder: Diese 5 Foodblogs für Familien helfen Dir dabei!

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