Good series: Eva's 13 favorites for long winter evenings & Co.

Gute Serien: Eva Malawska, Gründerin von Kleine Prints und bekennender Serienjunkie, verrät ihre 11 absoluten Lieblingsserien! Yay! The Christmas holidays are just around the corner - and hopefully for many of us a few very quiet days and weeks to breathe, relax, refuel and ... watch series!

Good series - Eva's favorites for you

Yes, caught! At Kleine Prints there is one or the other series junkie. And for all of you who can't get enough of exciting, good series either, ours Founder Eva times their favorites written down. A few of them are very well known, others less - maybe you will find an insider tip for you in the list. Have fun browsing and later on when you can relax. (And beware: the series are of course not suitable for children!) Let's start with Eva's recommendations:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Oh. My. God. This series is so funny *. I almost laughed myself to death several times. The main character, Mrs. Maisel, is just so cool. The story of the series revolves around a Jewish family in New York in the 1950s: Mrs. Maisel's husband wants to be a comedian, but Mrs. Maisel is actually the funny, humorous one in the family. By chance, Mrs. Maisel lands on stage and starts a career as a stand-up comedian ... and a whole family drama unfolds. I don't want to spoil now, so: Just have a look at this series if you don't already know it!


What can I say? Girls * is, so to speak, the "Sex and the City" of the 2010s! The New York "girls" of the next generation are even more open and have / show a lot more sex than we know from the "big sister" SATC. Very funny, also a bit tragic, but above all: funny! Here, too, the main actress, Lena Dunham, contributes greatly to the uniqueness of the series. Girls is just super entertaining and entertaining!

The Affair

The Affair * is a series drama about a father who cheats. A special feature of the series is that the same story is told in parallel from different personal perspectives: You first see the man's point of view, then that of the woman, then that of the lover ... and so on. Of course, every perspective has its own characteristics, which makes it very exciting. The characters are again mega interesting and you are literally "sucked in" by the series when you start to watch it!


The series* is about the transsexual Maura (initially Mort) on her way from the (false) male to the female body and the challenges that come with it. It's not just about this transformation itself, but also about sexuality in general and, of course, mainly about what's going on in the family when Mort comes out as transsexual.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is set in the 1980s and it's pretty scary! Definitely not for the faint of heart! It's about conspiracies, aliens and what else do I know. In terms of setup, I liked E.T. remind. By the way, I found the first season much better than the second, as is sometimes the case ... And: Winona Ryder plays really well!

House of Cards

To House of Cards I don't really have to say anything anymore - an absolute series classic! For those who don't know it yet: Kevin Spacey plays a power-hungry MP who makes his way to higher and higher political offices without any remorse and with very dubious methods. Also mega good: Robin Wright as the ice-cold first lady, who then shows feelings every now and then. A great team and, as I said, the series is simply a classic! There are now six seasons and the series will not continue due to the sexual assault committed and confessed to by lead actor Kevin Spacey. Gute Serien: Eva Malawska, Gründerin von Kleine Prints und bekennender Serienjunkie, verrät ihre 13 absoluten Lieblingsserien!Gute Serien: Eva Malawska, Gründerin von Kleine Prints und bekennender Serienjunkie, verrät ihre 13 absoluten Lieblingsserien! By the way ... if you can still use delicious, healthy snacks for your personal "series marathon": Here I have put together some great, yummy things for you!


In Shameless it is about an alcoholic father with six children. The mother has left the family and so the eldest daughter, Fiona, takes care of her siblings. Contrary to what you might think on the subject, the series is really very, very funny - but also tragic, because the fate of the family and similar "real" cases is of course not really laughable. However, the series characters never lose their courage to face life and so in the end the funny moments predominate when looking.


Also an absolute classic; and absolutely nothing for the faint of heart! In the series it's about a forensic scientist who is himself a serial killer. Due to a mental disorder, Dexter kills "bad" people in his free time in a mostly very creative way and without leaving any traces - for example other murderers. As I said, the series is not for the faint of heart, but very, very entertaining for everyone else!


Fargo is a continuation of the film of the same name by the famous Coen brothers, whose work I think is really great anyway. I thought the film was awesome, but the series goes one better, especially the first season! It's always about murders, each season is a self-contained story. The whole thing is just totally bizarre and the setup and the scenery are mega spectacular.

Breaking Bad

I don't really have to say anything more about that, another series classic! But for the sake of completeness I'll say something about it, hehe: Breaking Bad was for me personally the entry into the "serial junk". The series is about the chemistry teacher Walter White, who has cancer and therefore needs money to treat his illness and wants to provide for his family financially. "Obviously" Walter becomes a drug cooker and dealer and over time builds up an entire drug empire. Incredibly good characters and an extremely exciting, varied story! In my opinion, Breaking Bad is still unbeaten, the best series ever. If, contrary to expectations, someone does not know you yet: Be sure to take a look!

This is Us

"This is Us *" is right for the heart. What did I cry about this series! It's about family again, more precisely about three siblings, who are very different, and their parents. The series takes place on different time levels and shows the life of the protagonists from their respective perspectives. Something is also "strange" with the father, but that only becomes clear over time ... mega exciting, and you are puzzled all the time about what is going on! It's about family, it's about friendship, it's about love, it's about loss. Everything included. Just a really great series too. Check them out! After reading through the article, two more series came to mind, which I will now quickly add:

Ozark & Game of Thrones

The crime drama series is also really great Ozark! It is very dark and also very exciting! Uuuand of course game of Thrones. Yes, I was initially averse, because fantasy is not my thing. BUT: It's too good! Super bloody (I like it!) And fascinating. A real saga, a fairy tale for adults. And I'm a little in love with Jon Snow, hehe. In one episode, where he almost dies, I woke up at night with worry;) Note: The links to the series on Amazon, Netflix and Sky are formally ADVERTISING. The links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and use this link to register with Amazon Prime Video, we may receive a commission. The price doesn't change for you. Gute Serien Empfehlungen und lustige Postkarten gibt's bei Kleine Prints

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