Hamburg with children: favorite locations for your city trip!

Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska Do you fancy going to Hamburg with children? City trips with child (ren) can really be wonderful. Or the sheer horror. It all depends on whether you have the right nose or a really good travel guide with beautiful, family-friendly activities and places in the foreign city. Of course, even better than a good travel guide is someone who lives in the city of choice and gives you the best tips that often only locals know. Today we have the best news for everyone who wants to visit Hamburg again and again! Because today, Kleine Prints founder shares Eve her very personal favorite tips for her hometown Hamburg with you! Here we go:

Beach pearl

Anyone who is in Hamburg with a child during the summer must definitely visit the Beach pearl in Oevelgönne drop by. Sitting comfortably on the Elbe beach, watching the ships, eating and drinking delicious - an absolute, soooo relaxed Hamburg MUST! From the Landungsbrücken you can take the ferry (included in the HVV ticket!) To Oevelgönne and take a leisurely walk from the ferry pier to the Strandperle. Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva MalawskaHamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska

Around the Alster

Yeah, we Hamburg boys and Deerns are spoiled twice with beautiful waters. (At this point I am gallantly ignoring the proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, so that you don't go to the ceiling with envy.) Because we not only have the Elbe beach, but also the Alster on our doorstep. The Alster looks like a lake in the middle of Hamburg, but is actually a river and offers a lot of great opportunities for big and small water rats! On the Alster you can do SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and ride a pedal boat. Both are great fun for children too. You can also find out more about water sports in Hamburg at this side Experienced. Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva MalawskaHamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska

city Park

Also the city Park is a great summer destination with children in Hamburg. There is a huge adventure playground with an even bigger paddling pool. If the weather permits, you can easily spend half a day in the city park and on its great playgrounds. In the cool season there is the one located there planetarium as a destination. You can get there with the U3; get off either at the Borgweg (Stadtpark) stop or at the Saarlandstraße stop!

Inselpark in Wilhelmsburg

The Inselpark in Wilhelmsburg is also a great place to go. There is plenty there Opportunities to let off steam; Among other things, a huge skate park in which children can also ride scooters, skateboards, BMX and Co. Next door there is a climbing forest (outside) and a climbing hall (inside), which are really great. You can also eat really delicious pizza there! You can reach Inselpark Wilhelmsburg with the S3 and S31 as well as various bus routes.

Hagenbeck's zoo

An absolute classic. The Hagenbeck Zoo is a super beautiful zoo, and you could spend a whole day on its great playground alone! In winter the one next door opened in 2007 Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium a good alternative. It's really great and there's a lot to discover. There are crocodiles, all kinds of spiders and snakes as well as a huge pool with colorful fish, sharks, rays and Co. For children from 4 to 5 years the aquarium is definitely an exciting thing and for us adults there is always something new to do discover! You can reach Hagenbecks Tierpark (the stop is also called!) With the U2 or the bus lines 22, 39, 181 or 281. Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska

Museum of Arts and Crafts

We also like to go to the Museum of Arts and Crafts with our daughter Lotta. There is an extra children's area down there, that Hubertus Wald Kinderreich. In this area the children can climb, play and let off steam artistically. You can make short films, work with animation, dress up and take photos of them. All of this is really very child-friendly and made easy. We usually go to the museum with friends so that part of the group stays downstairs with the children and the other adults can see the exhibition. Sometimes there are also great events in the Hubertus Wald Kinderreich, so check out the website if you are planning a visit to Hamburg in the near future! The Museum of Arts and Crafts is right next to Hamburg Central Station.

Ellippa children's café in Eppendorf

The Ellippa Cafe is an absolutely great, child-friendly café in a super nice location right on the canal. The children have a spacious, well-equipped play area at their disposal, where they can play and keep themselves busy. So we parents have the opportunity to have a coffee or to work briefly, to check e-mails etc. ". The U3 and several bus lines go there. Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva MalawskaHamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska

Archaeological Museum in Harburg

It's not super central, but it's definitely worth a visit: That Archaeological Museum in Harburg. This museum is really made sooo cool! It was created in collaboration with Ravensburger and is therefore great for children. Learning in this museum is super playful, the children can touch a lot, click, etc ... The museum has absolutely nothing of the dusty image that one might have of an archaeological museum. Everything is totally modern and the facts are explained really cool. The children are really drawn under the spell of knowledge. I think it is particularly suitable for children aged 6 and over. You can easily reach the museum from Hamburg Central Station in 15 minutes with the S3 in the direction of Buxtehude. Get off at the Hamburg-Harburg Rathaus stop.

Keep your favorite holiday memories child-friendly!

Whether it's a city trip, vacation on the farm, beach time or mountain adventure: At Kleine Prints Photo book for children Your favorite holiday memories are absolutely child-friendly and stylish and will become a beloved daycare companion! Hamburg mit Kindern: Lieblingstipps von Eva Malawska

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