Houseboat vacation with children - out and about in Germany

Summertime, travel time. But this year everything is a little different. The corona virus thwarted all of our beautiful travel plans and forced us to reschedule. So I got down to it and researched and researched ... And then recently in a mammoth blog post 12 travel tips for vacationing with children in Germany compiled.

Hello beautiful Mecklenburg Vorpommern!

In any case, one section of this article is devoted to the Mecklenburg Lake District. This region is simply an absolute dream in terms of landscape and offers dozens of vacation options for young and old. One of them is vacationing on a houseboat - an idea that our editor Judith Has haunted my head for a long time. So she dared and "jumped into the deep end" with her family. And in the truest sense of the word. But read for yourself:

Houseboat vacation, a long dream

I dreamed of a houseboat vacation long before I had children. I found the idea of just drifting on an "own personal bathing island" simply stunning. One would sail across lakes and through waterways, mooring wherever one liked and throwing anchor where one found it beautiful. Fairy lights, music, festival feeling on the water. The house on the lake becomes the house on the lake. How unimaginably beautiful must that be? Festival Feeling beim Hausbooturlaub

The houseboat takes a back seat

However, something else always preceded it. First we raced around France in polo, then we flew to the Caribbean, made Mallorca unsafe or conquered Italy. First off and explore the world, go on crazy vacations and road trips into the blue. And then at some point the children were there. It would be better not to have anything crazy, instead Mallorca again, Italy again and a lot of time on the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, the vacation on a houseboat was getting further and further and was almost completely forgotten. I mean, a floating holiday apartment with water on all sides and two non-swimmers on board who are not even "fully sane"? I really, really don't think so!

A vacation that falls into the water - luckily!

And then Covid-19 hit us and quickly developed into a pandemic. Dreams of wanderlust burst like soap bubbles, bookings were canceled, travel warnings were issued and borders were closed. So if the long-awaited summer vacation didn't fall through, a new idea had to be found quickly. Baaam, out of nowhere, it was more present than ever, the old idea of the houseboat vacation. Only now there were the children.

Houseboat vacation with children

Are we crazy or can we do that? Is it really a good idea to vacation with children on a houseboat? Above all, since my children are still quite small at just under 6 and 3.5 years of age and cannot swim, that seemed more than daring to me at first, almost impossible. I gathered my courage and phoned a provider of boat trips on the Müritz, Kuhnle Tours and Yacht Charter Römer. I explained my concerns and asked tons of questions. But it quickly became clear: a houseboat tour seemed like the perfect vacation with children - at least in theory. It all sounded so good that I was ready to at least try. Luckily! Hausbooturlaub mit Kindern: Traumhaft schön!

Houseboat vacation: the risk is manageable

So we got involved and planned a short trip on a houseboat. We decided to stay four nights - enough time to get an idea of the whole thing but not too long if it backfired. The "worst" thing that could happen to us was a permanent stay in a port when driving with the children was too nerve-wracking. Full of anticipation, but without great expectations, we finally set off.

One of the nicest vacations ever

We were not disappointed. A houseboat holiday with children is great fun, full of adventure and offers action, relaxation and unforgettable moments for everyone. So he is definitely a candidate for the most beautiful vacation ever - for us at least. Hausbooturlaub mit Kindern: Traumhaft schön!

Out and about in a houseboat on the Müritz

The lake landscape of the Müritz offers everything a family heart desires. The small lakes in particular are great to navigate with the houseboat. They offer lock adventures, bathing beaches with moorings, small towns with palaces and castles that invite you to explore and marinas with restaurants and playgrounds for feet. In addition, there are lots of large and small lakes, strung together like pearls on a chain. Some are heavily trafficked, so there is a lot to see there. Others, on the other hand, lie quiet and a little apart. They create the perfect environment for a few Robinson Crusoe lessons, except that instead of a ball you have your favorite people, your own bathing platform and, in the best case, a well-stocked refrigerator.

In the middle of nature

You are incredibly close to nature, especially on the inlets and lakes, which are less frequented. Herons and cranes wade in the shallow water under wonderfully fragrant elder bushes that tower far over the banks, always looking for a crunchy snack. Crickets chirp, frogs croak and ducks and swans swim by. Great crested grebes have fun, songbirds chirp until dusk and a griffin is always circling somewhere in the sky. We even saw eagles (sea eagles and ospreys are native to the Müritz, for example) and an owl. Especially our big one, who was always lying in wait with his binoculars, could hardly believe his luck.

Happy houseboat vacation, but the mosquitos?

When I tell you about our trip, I will ask about the mosquitoes here at the latest. Of course we had anti-mosquito spray with us. But we hardly needed it. In fact, after 5 days on the houseboat, we came back without a single mosquito bite - all four of us.

Do you fancy an even more houseboat vacation?

I have on my blog a detailed travel report written and there also the Answered questions I was asked during my houseboat vacation.

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