Have yourself a stress free little Christmas - Happy Om nights!

Eva und Lotta: Weihnachten kann kommen!

I don't know about you, but when was the last time Christmas was exclusively the best time of the year? I mean, it should actually be the time of coziness and contemplation, in which you can relax, shake off all tension and sometimes let it be five. The time when you make yourself really nice, the time of lights and candles, with cocoa and cookies, cozy woolen blankets, wonderfully thick socks, red-striped pajamas and Christmas sweaters. The time when you come home in the dark, with red-frozen noses, but bright children's eyes.

If I'm honest, I've sometimes lost this feeling a little in the last few years. The gift marathon (i.e. who gets what from whom - for the whole family!), All the cookie baking sessions, the Advent wreath making and the advent Calendar, of course, then various Christmas parties, drinking mulled wine with friends, neighbors, colleagues, the club, baking more cookies in between, planning travel over the holidays and, last but not least, the holiday feast and generally organizing and decorating the tree. Everything is great fun - but also incredibly tired.

Well, this year the (Christmas) rabbit apparently runs a little differently anyway. This year was a tough one and you know what? I just don't feel like getting angry about anything and being dragged down by all the "rapapampam" out there. So I will sharpen my focus again and focus on the essentials, on what really matters: my family and me. Maybe this (before) Christmas season has something really good after all and will finally become the most wonderful time of the year again.

Time for us

First of all we will of course continue to revive our favorite traditions. We'll bake cookies - just in smaller groups, we'll drink punch, just maybe on our roof terrace, we'll have an Advent wreath, one homemade advent calendar (This year I've been up to my ears crush on this one decided) and will enjoy it when we can light candles at half past four because we are at home and have no more appointments. I think Christmas was seldom more familiar and to be honest I think that's pretty nice.

Gestalte Deinen persönlichen & zeitlosen Adventskalender

Nonetheless, my mind will of course be with my friends a lot and with family members we won't see. That's why I'm shipping for the first time this year very personal Christmas greetings and am already looking forward to writing it comfortably over a Lumumba and maybe a piece of Stollen.

Die liebsten Weihnachtsgrüße mit Kleine Prints

time for me

What has definitely missed out in the run-up to Christmas in recent years is time for me. My place of retreat, when I need rest or want to find myself again, has been my yoga mat for 20 (!) Years. I've been using the mat for a while now hejhej mats and i have to say i'm a big fan! Not only that the mat is really comfortable and super soft. It cushions the hard floor and at the same time gives a good grip, so I don't slip. And I have the feeling that it gets better and better with each use.

Eva und ihre geliebte hejhej Yogamatte

The hejhej mats are made fairly and locally in Germany from recycled materials that are already available. And the great thing is that mats that are no longer required can simply be returned and fed back into the circulation - an all-round good thing that only inspires me even more! 

Die nachhaltige Yogamatte von hejhej mats

Normally with this mega mat I would actually be in the Kubatzki Yoga Hotel in St.-Peter-Ording. But well ... thank you, Corona. So I regularly open it at home or in our beautiful shop office and thanks to it I am completely oooommmmm even without Kubatzki flair.

Die nachhaltige Yogamatte von hejhej mats

Time for an adventure

Of course, we can't (and don't want to!) Just spend the entire pre-Christmas period indoors, candles or not. First of all, because all three of us really enjoy being out in nature, then because fresh air aka oxygen and daylight provide us with an extra portion of vitamin D and okay, last but not least, a little bit because it is simply because of all the restrictions at the moment there are not so many alternatives.

So we hike through the Fischbeker Heide, jet up and down the Harburg mountains by bike and stroll through the fir trees. Like every year we get our Christmas tree in Lutzhorn Tannenhof Bornholdt, a farm that attaches great importance to sustainability. For example, the Christmas trees are treated pesticide-free and can be returned at the end of the season and serve as an energy-efficient heating medium for the farm.

Unser Tannenbaum kommt vom Tannenhof Bornholdt

By the way, we mostly have our beloved blanket from Voited* who has accompanied us in many countries and has served us well. So if you are still looking for a cozy, practical, stylish, long-lasting and sustainable Christmas present: My code is still up to date and with KLEINEPRINTS20 you will receive a 20% discount on all of them Voited products*. Ey and alone the outdoor ponchos!

Der Lieblingsplatz zum Mitnehmen: Unsere Voited Decke

And how is it with you? Do you already have plans or are you letting everything come your way?

Whatever you are planning, I wish you and your loved ones a nice (and above all healthy) pre-Christmas season.



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