Children's birthday parties in spring & summer: ideas for the dream party

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the flowers are sprouting - in spring and summer, children's birthdays are particularly fun. In this article you will get a load of ideas on how to make a children's birthday party in spring or summer beautiful. Sure, children's birthdays in spring and summer are the most fun outdoors! Why sit inside with the little party animals when temperatures and weather allow an open-air party ?! Especially with children from the age of 4, when it is slowly becoming a real children's birthday (that is, without the parents of the guest children), there are many great options for a successful mini outdoor party - even without weeks of preparation stress or a huge budget!

Children's birthday party not overloaded

Perhaps you have already witnessed one of those children's birthday parties, where the children are actually only rushed from one activity to the next or, alternatively, a mega-event is held that actually does not really correspond to the age of the children. Unfortunately, children's birthday parties are already becoming a status symbol and you can get the impression that parents are trying to outdo each other with extremely elaborate celebrations. Quite unnecessary, at least from the perspective of the party guests themselves. Because the minis actually only want one thing on their birthday: play and have fun with their buddies. Activities that can be organized easily and inexpensively, such as a bobby car race or the classic treasure hunt in the garden or in the park, are guaranteed to be well received!

The classics are still the hit!

To have fun, our toddlers don't need any more entertainment than we did 30 years ago! Try it out: hitting pots, sack races, silent mail and co., Even in the third millennium, still boil over the party spirit quickly. And: You don't need expensive utensils for these games! A classic win-win situation, so to speak! (Parents without stress, children happy!) In case you don't remember what kind of games we had when we were children: Here we have found a great overview for you!

Children's birthday party in spring deluxe: off to the farm!

Ok, it's a bit at odds with our first points, but one of those Children's birthday on the farm is really a very magical thing - especially for children who do not come into contact with rural life and animals very often in their everyday life. Pony riding, jumping around in the hay, picnicking in the meadow: feeling yourself and the world so intensely makes people big and small equally happy. In some cities there are now city farms where the city minis can let off steam and, with a little luck, learn new things about animals and agriculture. A “normal” farm in the outskirts of your city is of course at least as good, if not better. Ideen Kindergeburtstag im Frühling/Sommer

Buying with love is just as good as making yourself with love

Another point that parents - often mothers - put a lot of stress on. (As if we hadn't already had enough of it!) Many of us feel that it is an expression of our parents' love to produce as much as possible of the food, decoration, giveaways and co. For our little one's birthday in hours of laborious manual labor. We all know that a great children's birthday party does not depend on how many hours we have put into preparation. Maybe we should just be more aware of this: Purchasing with love is just as good as making with love. And perfection is for Pinterest and not for real life! (And now all off in front of the mirror and repeat!)

Giveaways & Co: Quality instead of quantity

So you definitely have a stone in the board with health-conscious parents: make healthy giveaways. It doesn't have to be laborious or expensive. For example, our founder Eva uses yummy to give birthdays on Lotta's children's birthdays sugar free cookies or small wooden toys made from sustainably produced wood. It is also a great opportunity to tinker something with the children during the party that they can play with later - and use this as a gift. For example, simple unicorn or robot costumes are currently very trendy.

The big hit on every children's birthday party: the piñata

Ok, making it yourself can be a great option here: Piñatas, the custom of which actually originated in Latin America, have been enjoying increasing popularity on children's birthday parties here for several years. We have already experienced it ourselves: the children just love them! The best thing about it: You can easily make the piñata for your next birthday yourself. You can find great instructions for this on our Pinterest Board "Small Party". But there are also super beautiful piñatas and other party accessories to buy on the Internet. You can discover that for example here. Have a look, it's guaranteed to whet your appetite for the next birthday party!

The most beautiful gift for the most beautiful children's birthday party

Are you still looking for a birthday present that will make you dance of joy? You can find it in our shop stylish, child-friendly photo book, our unique memory game as well as the wonderful Photo puzzle to design yourself! Ideen Kindergeburtstag im Sommer/Frühling

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