4 mom bloggers reveal their best photo tips

Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps Today every one of us can take beautiful photos of our children, the family, our latest works and Co. at home. However, not all photos are the same and it is not always possible to really convey the beauty of the photographed subject onto the picture. We asked four women who definitely know their way around. Because all of them are successful bloggers for whom photography is part of their daily business. Raise the curtain for your best photo tips:

Leonie Lutz from Minimenschlein.de

My three favorite photo tips for anyone who doesn't have expensive equipment at home: 1. I always wait for good daylight, if that's possible. If it is dark, cloudy or even raining outside, the light is not good inside either and the photos lose their radiance. 2. I never take photos with a skylight. As soon as I take a picture, all the lights are turned off. Ceiling light and other lamps at least make my pictures look yellow and sometimes also slightly “mushy”. Therefore: better without. 3. The hardest part is photography for children. Taking pictures of a laughing child so that it is not out of focus is not that easy. You have to get a little creative then. I always tell my little daughter with a wink: “You mustn't laugh under any circumstances, okay?” And then of course she laughs. Website | Facebook | Leonie on Instagram Kinder fotografieren: Tipps von Bloggerinnen wie Leonie Lutz Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten TippsKinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps

Olivia Asiedu-Poku from FreeFamily.rocks

Even though I worked as a full-time model myself for a long time, I still don't always run our pictures through Photoshop first. The myth of the perfect appearance fascinates me ’I just don't think so (anymore). Dark circles under the eyes (often worse in pictures than actually) are stamped out via 'facetune', although in such cases I usually prefer not to use the photo in the first place. I really enjoy using Instagram filters, light and color settings, but that's about it. Of course, appealing photos that others like are important to me. If nobody wants to see it, it will be difficult in this job. But there is also a very special beauty in authenticity. I like photos that tell me something. Less about the photographer than about the people on them. All photos have the same look and color - super aesthetic! I would also like to have an Insta art project, but it's not. I am not I can't. In any case, for me it's less about showing people something nice than inviting them to get to know each other. I can't find any style to which I could subject our pictures.

My tips for a good child or family photo:

1. Only take photos if the children feel like it! Otherwise mine would refuse after a minute anyway - you have a right! 2. Don't ask anything! I only take pictures in real situations. 3. Also use the available setting options! Basically it stands or falls with the quality of the cell phone camera. But it is definitely worth looking into the functions that your own telephone has in this regard. 4. Daylight before flashlight! Natural light simply allows the most natural photos. 5. The safe number for days when mum's optics are not very good: Instead of just showing 3/4 from the front - almost always works. 6. Relax! Just say: “Unfortunately I don't have a photo for you today!” My 4 or 14 year olds actually take a lot of photos here. The little one just holds on for a moment and feels like pressing the shutter button 10 times. In doing so, at least most of the time, at least one successful motif emerges. But not everything has to be published - there are photos that we prefer to hang on the magnetic board in the kitchen ... Website | Facebook | Olivia's website Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten TippsKinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps

Marie Zeisler from Little Years

My tip for great photos? A great camera. Because of course you can also take good pictures with new smartphones, but if you want to reach a different level, you need a reflex camera. I'm not a professional myself, but I can take wonderful pictures easily and straightforwardly with such a camera. When doing portraits, I always make sure to take photos at eye level, otherwise the faces will quickly look distorted. The light is also important, of course: never take pictures against the sun and, on a bright summer's day, take pictures in the early morning or ideally in the early evening. Then the light is just particularly beautiful. If there is too much sun, unfortunately, very few photos are successful. When I take a photo with my iPhone spontaneously, I find the series photo function pretty practical: You just hold your finger on the button for longer and the camera takes several pictures in a row (ten per second). With young children who move around a lot, you have a better chance of catching the right picture. Website | Facebook | Little Years on Instagram Kinder fotografieren: Tipps von Bloggerinnen wie Maire Zeisler Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps

Mareike Opitz from Mom so yeah

Sure, a reflex camera is of course unbeatable. The best camera, however, is always the one that you have at hand! And that is often the smartphone. But you can also take great pictures with it. Here are a few simple tricks: Make sure to clean the lens again beforehand (sounds trivial, but it's not with mom's jacket pockets with sticky lollipops, old pretzel pieces or handkerchiefs). Tap the important part of the screen to make sure it is in focus and properly exposed. With children on the move, for example when swinging: Shoot whole series (on the iPhone, simply by holding the shutter button down) and then select the favorites - otherwise it is just incredibly difficult to catch exactly the right moment. And finally: Load a good, intuitive image editing app onto your mobile phone (for example Snapseed). This also allows solala pictures to be brightened up very quickly. Finally, an idea for a cell phone snapshot of a family portrait, for which you simply have to briefly press the phone into your grandma / grandpa / neighbor or other visit: everyone who is supposed to be in the picture lay down in a star shape on the floor, heads to each other, looking up . The photos are then taken from above, with a square image section (can be preselected on smartphones), up to about chest height. Actually always works and does not look like the classic organ pipe formation on the sofa. Website | Facebook | Mareike on Instagram Kinder fotografieren: Tipps von Bloggerinnen wie Mareike Opitz Kinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten TippsKinder fotografieren: 4 Bloggerinnen verraten ihre besten Tipps

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Photo credits: Image by Olivia - Daniela Glunz

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