Forest walk: children are guaranteed not to get bored in the forest!

Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön! Haaach, a walk in the woods. He is proven healthy. And sooo beneficial and relaxing! Unless you have nagging children with you, then the idyllic forest may already be over before it could even develop its beneficial effect. Depending on their type and habits, children of all ages can be great forest lovers or haters. Today we are going to show you seven great ideas with which you can get your children excited about the forest in no time at all.

The journey is the goal: take time with you

Ok, we're not assuming that you are racing through the forest in a hurry. But it is worthwhile to plan an extra half hour or two. Because with a lot of time it becomes really exciting for children in the forest. Being allowed to stand wherever, explore, touch, observe, discover things to play in peace - a dream, not just for children! In everyday life we rarely take the time to do and experience things at leisure. This is exactly what the forest with everything it has to offer invites you to do! Take advantage of this natural offer, give yourself and your children time and you don't really need any more tips. (Don't worry. They'll come anyway.)

Handicraft material discovery tour

As a rule, children have a lot more colorful imagination and imagination than we adults, we don't have to tell you that. So if your children don't feel like going for a walk in the woods, but do like to do handicrafts, encourage them to look for things that can be tinkered with. What could you do with these leaves, the beechnuts, the little twigs? Which animal can you make out of it? We could process in a work of art? Small craft lovers will be caught by forest fever in no time. However, you should make sure that the children do not cause any damage and do not tear off leaves or branches, but only take things that have fallen down. Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön!

Create forest art

Of course, you don't necessarily have to wait until home to create something beautiful out of what the forest has to offer. You can also collect stones, leaves, branches, pine cones and the like on the spot and use them to create a work of art on the floor. For the "picture frame" you simply draw lines in the earth with a branch or put a few branches together. As soon as everyone has decided that the work of art is finished, you can take a nice photo of it before nature destroys it again. Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön!Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön!

Find your own place in the forest

This "game" is about finding your own place in the forest that feels right. To do this, you simply ask the children to find a personal place where they feel comfortable, and to make themselves comfortable there and observe their surroundings. The adults also look for a suitable place. After a while, you come back together and talk about your observations. You will be amazed how naturally many children do this task and how much they enjoy it! By the way, we have this exercise and many other ideas for a walk in the forest with children in this great brochure discovered!

Build a boat

If there is a stream in the forest, building boats is of course a great activity. To do this, you simply take fallen leaves and branches and possibly grass and see what kind of ships you can make from them. Smaller children certainly need help from adults, while older children can do it on their own. Watching the self-built ship or raft afterwards as it sails away on the creek will surely delight young and old alike. (Admit you love that too!)

I can see what you can not see

The absolute classic - we don't know anyone who hasn't played this with their children. But in the forest it is of course a completely different experience and helps the children to get to know the forest in a playful way. Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön!

A very special experience: guided forest walk

It is of course particularly exciting when you have a really competent person with you who explains the forest with all its wonderful plants and animals from A to Z. You probably rarely do this in everyday life, but it's a great idea for children's birthdays and the like. In many places there is a forestry office, independent forest educators or an educational institution that offer such guided forest walks. Kinder im Wald: Mit diesen Ideen wird es garantiert schön!

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