Drifting snow: this is how you can take wonderful winter family photos

Yeah, yeah, it's snowing! In February, Mrs. Holle often presents us with a lot of snow. A great opportunity to take some nice winter family photos again before spring arrives. Today betrays you Family photographer Julia Erz a few professional tips for magical winter photos:

A day in the snow - family photos in winter

Are you planning a day in the snow, in winter? That sounds good! Be sure to take your camera with you. Don't leave her at home because you're afraid she won't be able to cope with the cold, etc.! It is really worth having a camera in your luggage. You will be rewarded with beautiful pictures, with motifs that will remind you of this day again and again. As for your equipment, I recommend you keep the battery warm. It would be best if you carry your spare battery close to your body. Most jackets have inside pockets, so a spare battery can be stowed away easily. The problem is actually that the battery in the camera drains quickly when it's cold, so it makes sense to have a second battery with you. When you come home from your family day in the snow, remember to slowly get the camera used to the warmth again, otherwise condensation will form and that is rather inconvenient. It is best to wait and take the camera out of your pocket after a while.


I want you to feel the moment while looking at your family photos, even later, after days, after years. For me, childhood means joie de vivre and the pictures should also radiate this. Wait for the right moment and then pull the trigger. During my family reports I need a lot of patience, I wait the Moment. You know your children best and how to assess them. What could you do next, what could happen next? It is worth waiting for this moment. Kinderfotos im Schnee - Tipps von der Profi-Fotografin Julia Erz


When I'm out for family reports or taking pictures of my own children, it's important to me to take a nice portrait too. No, not a portrait from the photo studio, where the photographer was allowed to do the heavy lifting to make the child laugh. No, I mean a portrait that shows your child in their current environment. It doesn't have to grin artificially. No, I want a real expression much more. A child's smile is something wonderful, we all know that. For me it should be real. The most important thing for me is not to force the child to laugh. I often see parents (and photographers too) trying to get their children to smile. Don't do that. You want to photograph your children as they are, sometimes serious, sometimes laughing, but never, really never, forcibly funny, but real, as children are. Kinderfotos im Schnee - Tipps von der Profi-Fotografin Julia Erz


Who said that winter pictures should always be in color? Try turning a snow image into black and white. You will be surprised which structures and which changes make a conversion to black and white. Try it out! In the picture below I am always fascinated by the calm the photo exudes. The light and the structures of the snow are clearly highlighted by the processing in black and white. Kinderfotos im Schnee - Tipps von der Profi-Fotografin Julia Erz


Each of you have a different point of view. Which one is yours Changing the perspective can make a picture more exciting. Try to position yourself well, to find your perspective. The perspective can vary. Have you ever tried to take photos from above, below, close, or further away? This makes the picture much more visually interesting. You want to capture the wonderful atmosphere, capture the moment as if it were preserved in a jam jar. Kinderfotos im Schnee - Tipps von der Profi-Fotografin Julia Erz I wish you all a lot of fun in the snow and always good light and nice moments with your children ... And don't forget to put your camera down and enjoy the family time outside. :-) Your Julia Erz

about the author

Julia Erz, born 1985, is a family documentary photographer. She accompanies families in their lives with the camera. This creates family reports that celebrate the moments of everyday family life. Julia lives near Freiburg, on the edge of the beautiful Black Forest. In winter she enjoys spending the day in the snow with her family, provided that she has hot tea in her luggage. Julia never leaves the house without a camera. True to her motto "Collect moments, not things," she captures the tiny, beautiful and so valuable everyday moments. She has a very special, personal project for her family photos. Every week she creates a double page with her favorite moments digitally on the computer. At the end of the year she prints all of these pages and the result is her very own photo album. If you want to read me about it, you can on her blog to do. For more information, please visit Julia's website www.juliaerz.com or connect with her Instagram or Facebook.

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Photo credits: picture 1 - 5 Julia Erz, picture 6 (memo game) Eva Malawska

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