Children's birthday parties on the farm: experiences and tips

Wiese bei einem Kindergeburtstag auf dem Bauernhof Do you fancy a nice children's birthday outside? In the country, with animals and lots of space to run around for your dearest birthday child and all of their little guests? Then a children's birthday party on the farm could be just the thing for you. Kleine Prints founder Eva and her boyfriend have also turned a farm into a "party location" for the 5th birthday of their daughter Lotta. In today's article Eva shares her experiences and the best tips for a successful children's birthday party on the farm.

How did you find the right farm for your children's birthday party?

I actually found the farm for Lotta's birthday on the Internet, just googled it. There were several farms that came into question, and I then looked at what exactly the farms were offering, what it looked like and how easily the farms could be reached from us. In the end we decided on the farm that appealed to us the most in terms of ambience, although it was not the most accessible for us. But we just wanted to give Lotta and her guests a great "party" in these beautiful surroundings.

What did you have to prepare yourself and what was prepared by the farm owners?

That was really great: we really didn't have to prepare very much ourselves. We only made thematically appropriate invitations and brought the cake and the gifts. The entire program was organized for us and there was a contact person on site who accompanied us throughout the afternoon. Of course, this differs from farm to farm and it is best to clarify in advance exactly who is preparing what. Ideen für einen Kindergeburtstag auf dem BauernhofKinder im Matsch bei einem Kindergeburtstag auf dem Bauernhof

What were the program items?

At 2 p.m. all seven guest children were brought to us and at 3 p.m. we left on the farm in the old country start eating cake. We drove there in two cars: We took our own car and then rented a car through Drive-Now, so we could "transport" the whole party crowd to the yard in a relaxed manner. As I said, we only had to bring the cake, everything else was already prepared for us. After the cake, Lotta was allowed to unwrap her presents, and then it was time to feed the animals. First to the pigs, then to the sheep. The children were allowed to feed the animals themselves, which of course was extremely popular. After a short drinking break, we went to pony rides, which was an absolute highlight for Lotta. Each child was allowed to ride once and the others jumped around in the hay and muddy around with water (it had rained the day before). The good mood was guaranteed. Finally there was a treasure hunt that was also organized by the farm owners. We only had to bring the "treasure" (the gifts) with us. There was a treasure map and little tasks for the children, who had a lot of fun doing it. After the treasure hunt there was a little playground break and at the end we ordered pizza, which we ate in the yard. Shortly after 6 p.m. we packed all the children back up and drove back into town. Einladungen für einen Kindergeburtstag auf dem BauernhofMitgebsel für einen Kindergeburtstag auf dem Bauernhof

What should parents watch out for when organizing a children's birthday party on a farm?

I think it's important that you really like the farm - if you're doing such an action, taking the kids there and, and, and, then it should be a place where you feel comfortable. You should also make sure that what the farm has to offer is age-appropriate for the children invited. For the fifth birthday, what was offered on "our" farm was ideal. It might have been a bit too much for four-year-olds. I wouldn't start such extensive activities before my fifth birthday anyway, but that's a personal choice, of course. If necessary, you have to keep an eye on the budget and pay attention to what is included in the farm's offer and what you still have to organize yourself. An "externally organized" children's birthday party tends to be a bit more expensive than a celebration at home where you do everything yourself. Lotta's farm birthday cost us around 200 euros. On the other hand, the celebration on the farm was totally relaxed and nice for us as parents because we had so little to prepare and organize. I also thought it was good that there was a hut that we could have moved to when it rained - you never know what kind of weather you will get and therefore you should definitely think about alternatives for rainy weather when planning your trip!

What is your personal conclusion on the subject of children's birthday parties on the farm?

I can really recommend a children's birthday party on the farm after this experience! The children had a lot of fun and, especially for them as city children, it was an absolutely great experience to see the animals so close, to feed them, etc. We got a lot of positive feedback from the other parents that the children in the evening everyone fell asleep blissfully and raved about the farm birthday for days. So it seems to have been an absolute hit. Kinder bei Kindergeburtstag auf dem Bauernhof

Would you like more suggestions?

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