Children's birthday parties in winter: 7 ideas for a great party

7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im Winter "There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing," we North Germans especially like to say and often. And yet a children's birthday party in winter, with low temperatures, possibly very muddy weather and few hours of sunshine, is a different challenge than one Children's birthday in summer. Because many "outdoor activities" are dropped in winter or are feasible, but not necessarily a comfortable idea. But a children's birthday party in winter can also be an absolute hit. Winter kids parents know that anyway. If you don't know what to do with the little party crowd on the next birthday, we have 6 ideas for you today:

Disguise party with mini disco

You know it yourself: Most of our little Schietbüdel love dancing as soon as they can take their first clumsy steps - many of them even before! Therefore it is always obvious to celebrate a small children's disco at home. Darken the room, turn on a few flashing lights, put on the favorite songs of the little party tigers and off you go! The whole thing is of course a lot of fun as a disguise party when unicorns, princesses, lions and co. Dance all over the place. Disguise parties are always great anyway, but in winter they fit in all the better due to the proximity of the carnival. Add a simple, delicious meal and one or two classic games (see below) and you can look forward to a happy birthday and a happy party crowd!

Indoor playground

One thing is clear: children absolutely love indoor playgrounds. At least we haven't seen an example to the contrary. For adults with average nerves, accompanying a children's birthday party on the indoor playground can be borderline. Because it is really extremely loud; the mass of children in their (wonderful!) euphoria quickly seems like a huge horde of savages who meet in a very small space for a large gathering. School yard or daycare playground high 10. At least. Your child and his guests will probably talk about this great birthday for a while ... you as parents too. Just maybe a little different, hehe.

Scavenger hunt in winter

Sure, a scavenger hunt / treasure hunt is more suitable for children's birthdays in spring and summer, but under certain circumstances a winter child may want a treasure hunt from the bottom of his heart. And who would like to deny their child such a great experience? So what. And as I said, there is no such thing as bad weather ... Of course, it is important to have a correspondingly clear note on the invitation so that all guest children wear / bring enough warm clothing and suitable footwear for outside - otherwise the fun of the scavenger hunt is quickly spoiled!7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im Winter7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im Winter It should also be noted that the instructions for a paper chase have to be displayed differently in winter or should not be posted so long in advance due to the weather. You can find good, detailed tips and suggestions for your (winter) scavenger hunt in the articles here and here.

Let creativity dance: handicrafts, pottery, painting ceramics

Various creative / manual activities are of course also ideal for children's birthday parties in winter. You can sit nicely in the warm and dry and the children can express their limitless imagination. Definitely educationally valuable - and most children really enjoy it! Here you have the choice of whether to start the creative fireworks at your home, for example with the help of great craft instructions from Pinterest and Co., or if you'd rather do something out of town. In many cities and sometimes even villages there are clay workshops, porcelain cafés and the like that have special offers for children's birthdays. 7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im Winter7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im Winter

Let off steam in the climbing hall

Climbing gyms such as this Flashh here with us in Hamburg are a great birthday location for children from about 5 years. You might think that the huge climbing walls are only suitable for older children, but responsible providers have very well trained staff and sometimes even separate areas for smaller children from around 5 or 6 years! Climbing is of course a lot of fun for the children, and it trains their coordination and muscles. It is also great for their self-confidence, provided that the trainer is suitable for dealing with children. Many climbing halls offer complete children's birthdays including catering. This is of course a particularly tempting offer for all of us who are already overwhelmed by the work.

Off to the museum

A museum can also be a great location for a great children's birthday party in winter, provided it has a well thought-out concept for children. Otherwise it gets boring quickly, you know that yourself. Children want to experience knowledge vividly and are not yet "trained" to simply stuff it dry like us adults.7 Ideen für Euren Kindergeburtstag im WinterSo take a look yourself at the museum you are considering for your children's birthday party before you actually decide to celebrate there. A great example of child-friendly museums is the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts with its Hubertus Wald Kinderreich. You can find out more about this in our article about our favorite locations for your Hamburg trip with your child.

Children's birthday parties in winter: these classics always work

To be honest: In reality, children don't need a special event outside of the home to have a happy, wonderful birthday. We all know that. Even if trips to the climbing hall, indoor playground and Co. are definitely great - ultimately, the classic children's birthday party, which we know from our own childhood, is just as good as any unusual event. Simply playing for a few hours and romping around with delicious food is enough. The classic birthday games like Stop dance, Blindman's Buff, Hitting the pot, Chocolate eating contest, Toilet paper mummies Roll up and Co. are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. In any case, the Kleine Prints team wishes you a lot of fun on the next birthday of your little Schietbüdel, no matter whether in winter, spring, summer or autumn. Celebrate it and don't forget to celebrate yourself too!

Extra tip: The early bird ...

... yes, it catches the worm, even when it comes to children's birthdays outside the home. It is worth registering early, as children's birthdays outside the home are apparently becoming increasingly popular. Here in Hamburg it sometimes makes sense to reserve six months before your birthday. Sounds strange, but (unfortunately) it is like that. So if you want to be on the safe side, you better take care of your location early.

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