Getting used to the day-care center: 4 tips for a smooth start

Tipps für die Kita-Eingewöhnung Getting used to daycare or kindergarten can be a great challenge for parents and children, but it can also bring a lot of joy and freedom. Today our founder Eva reports on her best tips from the time her daughter Lotta got used to the daycare: All in all, our daughter Lotta's acclimatization to the Kita worked really well. We were very lucky to find a great, suitable daycare place for Lotta in a relatively uncomplicated way, with which we as parents felt comfortable from the start. Nevertheless, daycare start is of course a huge change for everyone involved. Modern familiarization models therefore allow sufficient time for this phase. Good daycare centers respond to both the needs of the parents and those of the child during the familiarization process. There are already some helpful articles on the topic online (for example this one). In addition, I personally made the following experiences during Lotta's acclimatization:

Daycare settling in: is your child ready?

Lotta was 15 months old when we started getting used to it. At first I had a bit of a stomachache because she couldn't walk at the time - I was afraid that maybe because of that she would somehow "drown" ?! Fortunately, the topic quickly turned out to be completely unproblematic because the teachers in our daycare center take special care of the small children who cannot walk yet and give them an extra helping of attention. If you want to (or have to) settle your child in at a relatively young age, when looking for a daycare center, pay particular attention to how well / attentively the little ones are cared for there. In addition, ask yourself the question that should not be underestimated whether it is the right time for you as parents to get used to the daycare!

The right time for you as parents too

If your professional situation allows you to get used to it in a relaxed manner, it is good if you choose the daycare start of your sparrow in such a way that it is the right time for you. Because if you are unsure and have the feeling that you don't really want to leave your child in the hands of someone else, this uncertainty will very likely also be transferred directly to your child and thus make the day-care process more time-consuming and more difficult for everyone involved. You as parents know it yourself: Children have incredibly good antennae and they feel when the parents are not at all comfortable in a situation! When Lotta's acclimatization started, I really felt like going back to work. After the baby year, the blanket increasingly fell on my head at home and I also noticed that I could no longer entertain Lotta on my own as is possible in daycare. That's why I was totally determined that Lotta can and should now go to daycare - and I also had a very good feeling about our daycare. I am convinced that my determination and my optimistic attitude towards our daycare center had a direct positive effect on Lotta's settling in. Tipps für eine entspannte Kita-EingewöhnungTipps für eine entspannte Kita-Eingewöhnung für Eltern und Kind

It is better to have just one parent getting used to the daycare

Before we started daycare with Lotta ourselves, we heard from various quarters that it should be much more relaxed for parents and children when one parent does the acclimatization phase completely with the child and one does not constantly take turns. We usually try to divide “parental responsibilities” fairly evenly. Getting used to the daycare is an exciting time for both parents and children with lots of new impressions. As much routine as possible is more of a relief and gives everyone involved security. That's how we did it with Lotta - I took over the acclimatization phase completely. It was definitely a good decision.

Separation pain is part of it and usually goes away quickly

Almost all parents will be able to testify to this: Leaving your child alone for the first time in daycare is just hard on the parents' heart. While the first appointments when you visit the day care center with the child usually pass quite relaxed, it is really hard to leave your child alone there for the first time - even if it's only for an hour! When I went home for the first time during the acclimatization phase, the pain of parting was unbelievably great on both sides! Lotta cried heartbreakingly when I left. As soon as I was outside, I had to cry a lot and had the feeling of being an absolute bad mother who left her crying child there alone. In my nightmare fantasy, Lotta was now sitting crying and sorely missing me in daycare. But puff cake. When I got back to the daycare an hour later, Lotta greeted me with an absolutely happy and radiant welcome and the teachers told me that the pain of parting had faded very quickly after I had left the daycare. Therefore my tip for you: Prepare yourself for tears, but also be aware that these do not mean that something is going wrong and you are doing your child injustice. The pain of parting is completely normal and has nothing to do with the fact that your child is not yet ready for daycare or the like. Lotta still enjoys going to daycare extremely today. She looks forward to the day in the morning and obviously enjoys spending time there, she absolutely loves her teachers and has made many great friends.

The dearest companion for getting used to the crèche or daycare center

Incidentally, our photo book has proven to be a competent companion during thousands of daycare settlements. It helps to relieve the pain of separation and is also a great personal toy for everyday daycare. Here you can discover it. Fotobuch "Mama & Baby-Du". perfekter Begleiter für die Kita-Eingewöhnung

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