Everlasting photo joy: the photo advent calendar from Kleine Prints

Der Foto Adventskalender von Kleine Prints

Sometimes the good is so close and, to be honest, I don't know why it hasn't been part of our offer for a long time. But to smear a little more honey around the trunk of the phrase pig: What lasts longer will finally be good and here is finally: the Kleine Prints photo advent calendar!

Der Kleine Prints Foto Adventskalender

I have to admit: I thought about this idea for the first time in the spring, but then quickly rejected it. After all, it wasn't even summer and it felt like forever until December. 🤪

Then the sunny months passed, school started again and it rained new products in my little bucket. One highlight suddenly followed the next: they came first design-loving birth cards, then the great ones Photo prints in 3 different formats, finally a new one Memo & Puzzle special edition with nicenicenice and just now the new one Photo book along with fifty-four. And bang, it was suddenly November.

Der Foto Adventskalender von Kleine Prints

But then, last week, the question of a photo advent calendar popped up again. Out of the blue and from a very unexpected place, but of course I was immediately on fire again.

And there it is, from the (second) first idea to the finished product in just 2 days:

Der Foto Adventskalender von Kleine Prints

The Kleine Prints photo advent calendar

It consists of 12 stylish and brightly colored A6 postcards, printed on both sides on semi-gloss and FSC® certified premium paper. So beautiful!

The real hit is that the Advent calendar is absolutely timeless - so it can sweeten the pre-Christmas season for you and your loved ones every year. Sustainable and stylish - just my thing! Yours too?

By the way, you can decide - do you only want to have the advent calendar postcards or do you take the set with the simple, beautiful oak holder from sustainable forestry?

Der Foto Adventskalender von Kleine Prints

The set also comes in our brand new, very chic gift boxes. It can be sent straight to Grandma & Grandpa at home and is so much fun when you unpack it. Oh I like, I like! 

Der Foto Adventskalender von Kleine Prints

And now get started quickly and pick out your 24 favorite snapshots. Because the calendar has to ordered until 11/22/20200 at 11:59 p.m. so that he is guaranteed to be there in time to conjure up beams of joy in small and large faces from the very first door. 

Ps: If you prefer to do everything yourself, you already know our brightly colored ones Kleine Prints Advent Calendar Numbers Stickers?

Have fun giving them away and love,
Eva von Kleine Prints

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