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Foto Tipps, die Deine Fotos schöner machen Inexpressibly great love for photos - we can affectionately call that an occupational disease. Because we don't just give everything so that you get your Put the most beautiful memories in the limelight or can make it unforgettable. We also love to stand behind the camera ourselves and capture small and large moments - a great feeling when a new favorite snapshot has been taken.

Photo tips for simply beautiful pictures

But do you also feel that sometimes it's easier said than done? The idea is there and the motif is perfect, but it doesn't really work out with the implementation. The good news is: Most of the time, even small tricks help to achieve your goal. And the even better one: We have put together a few little photo tips with which you will definitely be able to get even more out of your pictures. You don't even need a reflex camera, with a few easy peasy tricks you can create really nice memories with your mobile phone. Here we go!

Small photo tips from the Kleine Prints team


I like to take photos a lot in everyday life, but only with my iPhone. At some point I bought a really good SLR camera and even took a beginner's course. But somehow I didn't stick with it. But I absolutely love taking photos with the iPhone, because you don't have to worry about the settings and the pictures still look great. First of all, I always make sure that the image section is clean when taking photos. So edges that are as smooth as possible, not so much restlessness, straight lines (horizon ...) I also always edit my pictures in Lightroom, then they get a professional look. Foto Tipps, die Deine Fotos schöner machen


When I take photos, especially with my mobile phone, I first make sure that the picture is straight. I tend to hold the phone a little too obliquely and that distorts the pictures quite a bit. If possible, I don't take photos against the light, unless I want to use it as an effect and, for example, capture a beautiful silhouette in front of the window or in the sunset. When I take pictures of objects, I like to arrange them for a while, until it optically matches the heights and backgrounds and I am really 100% satisfied. Sometimes I get ridiculed for that, but hey, at least I have a nice picture afterwards. Oh yeah, and I'm still editing my pictures a bit. I either use ready-made filters or try around until I like it. Foto Tipps, die Deine Fotos schöner machen


The most important photo tip for me when taking photos is good light! Natural light is always better than artificial light. Taking pictures with flash usually creates shadows that are too harsh and always makes the surroundings look a bit strange. Cloudy weather can also be very good because it provides neutral light and makes everything a little softer. In sunlight it is very good if it shines on the person from behind - from the side, so hair gets a nice shine. If the sunlight comes directly from the front, most of them close their eyes or if you take a picture directly against the light, a silhouette is created. If the pictures are to be edited afterwards, it is always important to pay attention to skin tones and to adapt them to the original skin tone of the person. People look tired or sick very quickly if the color mood appears too blue or yellow during processing. Foto Tipps, die Deine Fotos schöner machen


For me it is important that the pictures I use for an album are similar in terms of color scheme. You can do this without much prior knowledge with countless web tools or apps, just edit a little and create a uniform look. I usually lighten my pictures a little manually, adjust the contrast and sharpness and remove the yellow tint that sometimes creeps in - especially with artificial light. I mostly use the VSCO app for this. After a little trial and error, you can quickly find out what you like, or you can simply take one of the many presets, which are of course ideally suited for this. In the end, it makes a little more work, but it directly ensures that it does Photo books or Memo games Look much more professional and of high quality. And another tip: if you want to take pictures of children, get down on your knees and be “on eye level” with the little ones. Photograph as straight as possible, so you avoid distortion from a bird's eye or frog's eye view and the subject looks much closer and more personal. Foto Tipps, die Deine Fotos schöner machen

May there be more photo tips?

A while ago we asked four great women with fantastic blogs to share their favorite photo tips with us. What Leonie from, Olivia Asiedu-Poku from, Marie from Little Years and Mareike von Mom so yeah have betrayed her sewing box, you read in this post here.

Well, are your fingers tingling now too?

Then grab your little ones and take them outside to try out our photo tips directly. We would be with one, for example very own photo book from your everyday life about things that you do every day, places that you see, people who accompany you and your very own rituals? Or rather one personal memory game with the favorite people of your favorite people? We are curious what you can think of. Make sure to share your finished sweetheart on Instagram using the hashtag #children's love photos or #smallprints and linked @ kleineprints.deso that we don't miss them either. Das Kleine Prints Fotobuch

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