Love of design meets pony rides: Our Marketing Manager Anika

Anika Bargsten Marketing Managerin bei Kleine Prints Behind the great products from Kleine Prints there is a small, fine team whose members present themselves here in the Kleine Prints stories at irregular intervals. Today our Marketing Manager Anika reports about herself and her dream childhood. Curtain up...

When you think back to your childhood, what are your favorite memories?

Because I grew up on the island of Fehmarn, my childhood was actually a bit like the big vacation for others: the beach in front of the door, the fresh sea air around our noses and many nearby farms where we and our friends are have played. I also thought (and still do!) It is just great to have a twin sister. We were ALWAYS traveling together as children, had the same friends and at first the same hobbies. As a result, there was hardly ever any boredom and we were simply unbeatable in a double pack. We later even had a sister logo and lots of code words etc ... haha. When we were two years old, we sat on our babysitter's pony for the first time and from then on she would come by regularly with "Stormwind" (what a name!). He thought our garden was great! Our kitchen door was split in two and could be opened at the top, so he would stick his head through and get an apple. ;-) Later we rode and went swimming with our foster horses on the beach. Those were days like “Holidays on Saltkrokan” and “Immenhof” brought together. Anika Bargsten mit ihrer ZwillingsschwesterAnika Bargsten mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester Our family life in normal everyday life was also nice: My father always made a cool game out of everything, e.g. the tidying up game in which he hid liquorice rolls in our rooms or cook junk salad - we were allowed to use whatever fruit was there throw the blender ... didn't look tasty at times but we thought it was great! My mother was always there for us and only now that I am a mother myself do I appreciate it in a completely different way, how she created all of this with us twins!

What do you like most about your job as a marketing manager for small prints?

To be honest: I actually like everything! Above all, of course, our small but fine team, which I have taken very, very dearly! Then the flexibility and at the same time 100% reliability in which we work together and develop great, new ideas together. Of course, I also love my super versatile tasks, with a great mix of analytical, creative and communicative things. I also think it's particularly great to get to know our customers personally at events: We really have the nicest customers in the world! And for collaborations, I have already met so many great people - many women - who out of parental leave have started their own business with a good idea, like Eve! I find this exchange incredibly inspiring!

What do you love to do when you are not doing marketing at Kleine Prints?

Hehe ... with my sweet 2 ½ year old daughter Louisa at home the answer is very clear: be with her! And I can really get excited about handicrafts, pony rides, books or trips on the scooter! Otherwise, I enjoy being back in Hamburg with my friends and closer to the family and seeing them all more often. We only returned from Amsterdam in February. Those were two incredibly good years, but long-term friends and family are irreplaceable. Anika Bargsten Marketing Managerin bei Kleine Prints Well, and if I manage to do it, my great passions are actually literature (I first studied business administration and then literature in England!) And design in every form - beautiful products and above all interior. That would be my next degree ... maybe retirement. ;-)

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

Since my daughter was born: YES. And so the question of your favorite motif is superfluous ;-) Unfortunately, I almost always take photos with the phone, but with a few tricks you can get a lot out of it.

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

My next, own Small prints photo book should become a kind of teddy diary, with fake selfies of Louisa's teddy bear on his adventure trips. Much like the photos with the garden gnome in "The fabulous world of Amelie" ... she's guaranteed to love that! Then, while watching, I tell her about what Teddy experiences while she is in daycare ... I already have to laugh at the idea. Otherwise, I am very moved when parents from non-traditional family models, e.g. with adoptive children, use our books to show the children their history and family at an early age. Sometimes you write to us and say thank you, these are very special moments and everyone in the team is very happy. Einzigartiges Themenfotobuch für Dein Kind gestalten

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