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Kleine Prints Team: Judith Möhlenhof Small prints, that's not all magical photo books and other favorite photo products for children, that is also a lot of love for detail, passion for great (and unique!) design and a great team that works hand in hand and ensures that everything runs smoothly - from the receipt of your order to you the finished delicacy in Hold your hands. And this team, we will introduce you to it here from time to time. So you already know - and of course - our founder Eva , Marketing maniac Anika, our good soul and organization grenade Sylvi, Communication queen Suzanne and Design asterisk Alica. We have changed again since the beginning of the year, because Suzanne is now devoting herself to her own projects and Judith is taking over the editorial control instead. Judith lives with her husband, her two boys and two crazy cats on the outskirts of Hamburg and has always had a weakness for beautiful sentences and apt words. She learned "something with the media" and worked for various media agencies for a long time. Judith has with her own blog, on which she is primarily committed to not making life unnecessarily difficult and to (again) encounter parenthood with more ease. In addition, she and mom coach Imke Dohmen von Mother heroes even a podcast called "In 15 minutes from the Mamsterrad", in which, in addition to the development of children, the well-being of the family is always in the foreground. Kleine Prints Team: Judith Möhlenhof

Dear Judith, when you think back to your childhood, what are your favorite memories?

I am a child of the 80s and actually grew up in the middle of Berlin. I loved the music that echoed tinny from the radios at the time (still, by the way), the blinking of the television tower that I could see from my bed in the evening and how the concrete in the city smelled in summer when it was raining would have. My parents had a weekend property, a "Datsche", and we spent the summer weekends in Brandenburg. I brindle through forests, climbed trees and bathed in gravel pits - the perfect mix, I would say. And I loved going on vacation with my parents, discovering new places and getting to know new countries. I still remember the feeling of sun on my skin, hair stuck together from salt water, how the jasmine smelled on the way to the beach and sometimes even which toys were with which place. Can't wait to create memories like this for my own children now. I still have one: I see myself sitting on the back seat of the car, my legs in shorts, my feet barely sticking out of the seat. The window is a little open, fresh wind is blowing around my nose. Headphones that were much too big and played "Traumzauberbaum" or "Schlaps und Schlumbo" and sometimes Circus Lila, where three clowns were supposed to share two loaves of bread. Oh, I loved that and, to the amusement of my parents, always smacked it fervently. Oh, and pool fries, of course!

What do you like most about your job as a social media manager and editor for small prints?

First and foremost, that I am actually part of the team now! I've been a Kleine Prints fan from the very beginning and now have some of the beautiful photo products at home myself. My boys love their books and some are loyal companions even after years, while I prefer to keep others in the closet and my mother's heart guards them until they eventually end up in the memory box. I like working with Eva and the girls because it really is a "together". The mood is loving and appreciative and everyone supports one another. Projects are brought together and a solution is sought together for challenges. In addition, my work here is not tied to a place or time, which I really appreciate. Especially as a mom, a certain flexibility that you want to keep is incredibly important and makes a lot of things easier. This means that I can react much faster in an emergency, move the office home or work a late shift if other fires have to be put out during the day.

What do you love to do when you are not doing online communication at Kleine Prints, Judith?

In addition to writing, which was and is always an outlet for me, I discovered my passion for podcasting about a year ago. I also like to exercise, go running or swimming, if everyday life somehow allows. And I love making things with my hands. Whether cooking & baking or creative things such as photography, hand lettering, knotting macrame wall hangings and hanging baskets or tying flower wreaths, making jewelry for your own four walls or as a gift for friends, I am completely happy. Kleine Prints Team: Judith Möhlenhof

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

I have a compact camera from Sony, but now I often take pictures with my cell phone. Especially when it comes to spontaneous snapshots in (unexpected) situations, the cell phone is ready to go faster and you usually don't have a lot of time when you photograph your kids. These are of course clearly my favorite subject and cell phone cameras can really keep up these days when it comes to quality. If I do for my blog Take photos, I usually still use the compact camera (or, if in doubt, both). Kleine Prints Team: Judith Möhlenhof

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

For me it is important that the pictures are similar in terms of color scheme. You can edit them with countless web tools or apps without much prior knowledge and thus create a uniform look. I usually lighten my pictures a bit, adjust the contrast and sharpness and take out the yellow tint that sometimes creeps in - especially with artificial light. I mostly use the VSCO app for this. After a little trial and error, you can quickly find out what you like, or you can simply take one of the many presets, which are of course ideally suited for this. In the end, it makes a little more work, but it directly ensures that it does Photo book or Memory game looks much more professional and of high quality. And another tip: If you want to take pictures of children, get down on your knees and go "eye to eye" with the little ones. Shoot as straight as possible, so you avoid distortion from a bird's or frog's eye view and the subject looks much closer. Kleine Prints Team: Judith Möhlenhof Photos: Judith private

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