Small prints and fifty-four - eyes open: the endangered animal world

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What do a rhinoceros, a sea turtle and a red panda have in common? They all belong to the endangered species. And they are only three of around 83,000 affected species, more than a quarter of which are even threatened with extinction.

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Animals are in danger all over the world

Of course, when you think of threatened animal species, you think of gorillas or elephants first. But did you know that tigers, whales, penguins and red pandas are also part of it? Bad enough that at some point all these wonderful species may no longer exist and diversity is dwindling. However, species extinction has far more far-reaching consequences, because with it food for other species is dwindling, which also has an impact on the plant world and thus the climate.

Fotobuch Edition vierundfünfzig

Protect endangered animals with the new special edition

Here comes the new one Special edition from the house of fifty-four just right. It is not just "any photo book with animals", but full of wonderful illustrations of endangered animal species all over the world. Jaguars, orangutans, koalas and armadillos cavort in the brand new Design Edition and draw attention in a magical way to which animal species are affected - and if we are not careful, they will soon only be at home in zoos. 

For every fifty-four special edition photo book sold
Kleine Prints donates one euro to the WWF with immediate effect.

This is definitely only a very small step, but definitely one in the right direction. And you know what? Small steps are better than no steps. So are you doing it?

Fotobuch Edition vierundfünfzig

The fifty-four edition: A really good photo book

As always, our photo book comes in almost proverbial good quality. We print ours Edition fifty-four on high quality and FSC® certified paper. The thick, robust cardboard pages with the rounded corners and the stable, practical spiral binding are made for small hands and will make children's eyes shine. Now you just have to decide: would you prefer to admire your little darling in a matt (water-soluble toy paint) or glossy (laminated with a water-repellent film)?

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Now let's do something good together. Because as I said, for each one sold Children's photo book in the fifty-four edition wanders 1 euro to the WWF. Help me, I'm looking forward to it!


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