The laminated photo book & great new design options

Neuigkeiten bei Kleine Prints: Laminiertes Fotobuch und neuer Editor With our relaunch in April 2018, the Kleine Prints shop not only got a new, more modern look, but we have also improved and expanded the design options for your favorite photo gifts. Today we introduce you to the most important new features - so that you can let your creativity flow even more freely in the future!

Laminated photo book

In addition to the great new design options and the magical Frau Ottilie special edition, it is certainly one of the highlights of this relaunch: the laminated photo book! Many of you have long wanted such a variant of our photo book for children, as you have told us in numerous feedbacks. Neuigkeiten bei Kleine Prints: Laminiertes Fotobuch und neuer EditorNeuigkeiten bei Kleine Prints: Laminiertes Fotobuch und neuer Editor So now it's done. With every variant of our photo book you now have the choice between the classic matt variant and the new glossy, laminated version. It really took a while to develop the laminated version to the point where it met the high quality and design requirements at Kleine Prints and ours too Printing partner can be produced efficiently. But - yayyy - now the laminated version is finally here! The pages of your photo book are of course even more resistant by coating with laminating film. They can even be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. By the way, we still cover the matt version of the photo book with a water-based toy paint so that it has a certain degree of resistance. (However, neither one nor the other variant is intended for permanent sucking, please note this point.)

Creative and flexible

But now we come to the great additional design features of our new editor. First of all, you have expanded storage options compared to our old editor: If you design your photo gift from your PC / laptop, you can name your project individually with the pencil symbol above. A little to the right of it is the memory symbol. You can get into Your account, which you have to create once, log in and save several projects there at the same time. For example, you can conveniently design several photo gifts at the same time or simply save them and continue later if you have to leave quickly or - as so often in life with children - something comes up spontaneously. Kleine Prints Fotobuch für Kinder: Sonderedition mit Frau OttilieKleine Prints Fotobuch für Kinder: Sonderedition mit Frau Ottilie The projects are saved in your account for six months. If you have ordered a project, it will be set to "bought" in your customer account. You can duplicate it from there and edit the duplicate again if you want to create a second, similar photo book, puzzle or memo game.

Fill automatically: a photo book in no time at all

With the "Autofill" function you can create a photo book in a flash. Simply upload the photos you want, click on Autofill and the editor has already automatically placed your photos on the pages of the photo book. Then you can move the individual pages as you like until you have the perfect photo book for you / your child in front of your nose. The latter is also a new feature that we introduced at the request of our customers: Photo book pages that have already been designed can be easily moved to other places in the photo book using drag and drop. The text fields can also be moved in the new editor.

Let's filter!

At least since Instagram some of us are crazy about filters. In our editor you can therefore choose from twelve different photo filters with which you can change the individual images in your project to suit your taste. To use a filter, add the desired image to your photo gift in the editor and then click on the "Effects" button. You can also remove filters using the same button.

It couldn't be more clearly arranged: hide images that have already been used

With the new function "Hide used", the design in our editor is even clearer. With this option, all images that you are already using in the photo book are hidden from the editor gallery. So you can concentrate fully on the design of the individual beautiful pages and don't have to worry about accidentally using images twice because of the sheer depth.

Any questions? Write us!

We hope you enjoy designing your next unique photo gift. If you have any questions or suggestions about our new editor, please send us an email to hellosmall printsde or write us a message Facebook. Mädchen mit Kleine Prints Fotobuch

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Image source: The source of all images in this post is Eva Malawska.

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