Self-employed, mom, forest fan: Linda Sandhop from little giant

Linda Sandhop - Herz und Kopf von little giant Tadaa! Since the beginning of November our delightful Photo book special edition available with the wonderful little giant label. The whole Kleine Prints team is in love again! Today we take the opportunity to introduce you to our great cooperation partner Linda Sandhop and the magical edition in an interview!

Dear Linda, thank you very much for your time - to get started, tell us what exactly you do at little giant and how you came to found this great label?

I am a graphic designer and illustrator and live with my husband, daughter and our dog on the beautiful Baltic Sea coast near Rostock. Before that we lived in and around Hamburg for 9 years, where I studied communication design. Already during my studies and the following time in the advertising agency, I knew that I love illustrating. So I still have my little label "little giant“Founded. My daughter was a little over a year old at the time and the start of daycare was still six months in the future. I wanted to use this time and opened my DaWanda shop (now Etsy) a short time later. Here I produce print products such as posters, greeting cards and postcards on the topics of pregnancy, family and children. On my Instagram account @ I take my followers with me when my products are created and regularly give a glimpse behind the scenes. Fotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints - Sonderedition mit little giantLinda Sandhop - Herz und Kopf von little giant

What do you like most about your job?

Very much! The fact that I can just do what I'm good at and that my customers love it is a great gift! This makes it very easy for me to do it, without a lot of effort and pressure. I think I found my calling, which is the best part of the whole thing. I also love the balance between manual and digital work. Technical progress inspires me just as much as traditional craft. For the most part, I am a passionate graphic designer and do not see myself as a pure artist. My illustrations are digitally post-processed to get the maximum out of them and then to nestle perfectly into a layout. Linda Sandhop - Herz und Kopf von little giant What I especially love is the contact with my customers. Instagram gives me a lot of feedback and feedback on my work and lots of tips and tricks. For me as a shop owner and self-employed, this is very valuable information and I am grateful for this exchange.

Where do you get the inspiration for your absolutely beautiful illustrations and how does your creative process usually work?

My motifs are inspired by the forest and its inhabitants, because even when I come from the coast or because of it, I feel very drawn to forests. I love how they smell - different in every season - and what kind of noises they make. I love the earthy colors and the wonderful treasures you can find in them. I love how they provide shade in summer and are brightly lit in winter when there is snow. My daughter inspires me a lot. I love the way she sees things. As an adult you often think outside the box and get lost in a thought without finding your way back. It is often the simple things that are most beautiful and my daughter reminds me of them. What does she like? Bears, rabbits, deer, flowers? And then it gushes in my head and an idea is born. Fotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints - Sonderedition mit little giantFotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints - Sonderedition mit little giant I make a sketch of every idea. I have some sketchbooks lying here and I pick up what is near me. If after a few days I still like the idea, I'll make a larger, more detailed sketch. This is then put on watercolor paper. Then the meditative work begins. I prefer to draw with piano music or purely acoustic songs. Music is very important to me. I forget the time and am highly concentrated. My pencil drawings are then filled with color until I like it. The hardest part is knowing when to end. Sometimes I don't succeed, then I start over or, ideally, scan my (semi) finished works in between to avoid that.

We at Kleine Prints are all in love with the special edition you designed. How was the creation process for you and what do you personally like most about the edition?

The product itself! When Eve asked me if I would like to design an edition for you, I immediately said “yes”. I think the product is simply great and perfectly tailored to the needs of children. This also made it very easy for me to develop ideas. Eva Malawska und Linda Sandhop präsentieren: Fotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints - Sonderedition mit little giantFotobuch für Kinder von Kleine Prints - Sonderedition mit little giant We wanted to make a forest edition out of it and so I once again thought about this wonderful piece of nature and its inhabitants. The creation process was wonderful and very uncomplicated. I put a lot of thoughts on paper and worked on the perfect layout together with Eva. We were immediately on a common denominator and the cooperation went like clockwork. Came out 28 pages full of small, loving details that fit any event in a child's life. My favorite motif is the squirrel on the birch, but the raccoon is also one of my favorites. In the end, I am more than satisfied with this edition and am happy that I can visually accompany so many beautiful memories in a child's life. That makes me very proud. Thank you for your time and your exciting answers, dear Linda!

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Photo credits: Pictures of Linda - Anja Wilhelmi; Product images photo book - Team Kleine Prints

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