Morocco with children: tips for your dream vacation

Marokko mit Kindern In spring 2018, our Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawaska was on vacation in Morocco with her husband Nils and their daughter Lotta. On Instagram During this time, she received a rush of questions - many of you wanted tips or would like to know whether it is generally advisable to travel to Morocco with children. Your wish is of course our command and that's why Eva reports personally about her Morocco vacation today and shares her best tips, do's and don'ts with you.

Morocco with children - experiences & tips from Eva Malawska

Our vacation in Morocco in February / March 2018 was super cool. It is so close to Europe and yet such a strange world. There is so much to see and discover. Marokko mit KindernMarokko mit Kindern At the beginning of our vacation we first spent a few days in Marrakech, a mega beautiful and very impressive city, which is certainly also a great destination for a short trip of three to four days. We stayed in a riad in Marrakech, a very traditional Moroccan house with a beautiful courtyard. Our riad was very centrally located, we found it through Airbnb.

Breathe in Marrakech: Djeema el Fna

An absolute must in Marrakech is the Djeema el Fna market square, especially in the evening from 5 p.m. when the entertainment begins. For Lotta it was very special and exciting because there were so many animals to see and the whole atmosphere is just so different from that in Germany and our direct neighbors. Her eyes widened to the size of a saucer in view of the monkeys, the snake charmers and also all the different people who buzzed around there. (I don't necessarily agree with the not always so beautiful keeping of the various animals as tourist attractions, but it was still a really great experience for Lotta. And it is definitely not worse than our factory farming, in my opinion, despite all the criticism in the Keep the back of your mind.) Marokko mit Kindern Lotta and I also had chic henna tattoos made, overall this marketplace with all its exoticism, its colorful shapes and the animals was an absolute adventure for us. Extra tip: Plan enough time and stray into the depths of the souks full of curiosity and with open eyes (this is the Arabic word for bazaar). There is so much to see, hear, smell and marvel at. If you need a moment to take a deep breath, take a break at Rahba Kedima Square or have one of the nice women in the market paint you a henna tattoo. Marokko mit KindernMarokko mit Kindern When shopping in the market, the following applies of course: first ask for the price, then negotiate, negotiate and negotiate again. It is so common there and if you pay the asking price directly, you are probably paying far too much. As an average Central European, you have to get used to it, haha. But with a little practice, haggling can actually be fun.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

For design lovers this is YSL museum, which opened in Marrakech in October 2017, is also an absolute must. It's a really great building, both inside and out. Right next to the museum is the beautiful Jardin Majorelle, a botanical garden where you can take a leisurely stroll. A visit to the museum and the Jardin Majorelle is definitely worth it. Marokko mit Kindern An extra tip: Come early (before 10 a.m.) and get your tickets directly from the museum. In my experience, the queue is much shorter there than at the garden entrance. The museum ticket is also valid for the garden, which apparently many do not know.


In Marrakech you can also go out to eat really delicious. Personally, I didn't dare to eat fresh things at the market stalls, but that's up to everyone. We definitely found a couple of great restaurants. I can recommend it Zwin Zwin; the food is good and you have a unique view of the Atlas Mountains from the terrace above! This is particularly magical at dusk. A must! Marokko mit KindernMarokko mit Kindern Also good: that Café Kif-Kif and La Cantine des Gazelles. The Naranj should also be great, but unfortunately it was closed when we were there.

Taghazout surfer's paradise

After a few days in Marrakech we drove on to Taghazout. The original fishing village is located on the Atlantic coast and has developed into an absolute surf Mecca. There is a nice, relatively new resort in Taghazout called Sol Housein which we treated ourselves to some kind of "club vacation" for the first time in our lives. We were there with friends and had nice bungalows right on the beach plus half board. Anyway, I always recommend going on vacation with friends who also have children. (See also here.) Lotta was with the other families a lot, hehe, and so Nils and I could really relax. It is simply nice for the children too when there are several of them and can romp around on the beach together and play all day. Marokko mit KindernMarokko mit Kindern I can definitely recommend the Sol House. Of course, such a facility is not as "authentic" as a riad in Marrakech, for example. Personally, however, I always find it very good when you and your child have accommodation and, above all, food options in a rather exotic country that roughly correspond to the standard at home. You never know how you and the little sunshine can tolerate or like the "normal" local cuisine. In Sol House we had the choice between standard dishes such as pasta and of course traditional Moroccan cuisine. It was a great mix and everyone always found something suitable for their own taste.

Yoga & Wellness

Most hotels / resorts in Morocco have hammams, the typical oriental steam baths. In many places there are also wellness offers, even my beloved yoga is offered relatively widely. This is of course perfect if you want to really relax again.

Morocco with children? Necessarily!

Overall, I can really recommend a trip to Morocco with children / children. Especially of course for people who like to experience completely different cultures and also want to show their children "something different" outside the Central European plate. We were only in Marrakech and Taghazout, so I can't say anything about other places. But these two places were really great, getting there and traveling in the country went smoothly, the people we met were friendly and open, the accommodations were nice. So two thumbs up for your vacation in Morocco! Schwimmen lernen Kind - Liebste Wassermomente festhalten im Fotobuch für Kinder

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Photo credit: All pictures were taken by Eva Malawska.

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