The people behind Kleine Prints: Founder Eva

At Kleine Prints you as fans and customers can indulge in photo euphoria, design high-quality and beautiful products for your loved ones and on top of that you will even be entertained. In a small series of articles, we are now introducing you to the people behind the scenes who ensure that everything is so. Of course, our founder Eva will start without which small prints would not exist at all. Here we go...

5 questions for Eva Malawska

When you think back to your own childhood, what are your favorite memories?

I grew up with my parents and my sister on my grandparents' farm in Poland. When I think back to my childhood in Poland, I think of being outside a lot, romping around in the garden, being out in the village. It was a beautiful, free and wild time for me. In addition, my childhood is also closely linked to the communism that still ruled Poland at the time. I can still remember that sometimes there were only three cans on the shelf of the supermarket and my grandma had to redeem certain tokens for sugar because there just weren't enough of them. Once a month the cotton candy seller came to the village and we children came pouring in from all sides and directions and were hot for the cotton candy! I also remember the parcels that our parents, who emigrated a year earlier than us children, regularly sent from Germany. We always got small gifts, special sweets, dolls and so on - often these were "riches" that you normally didn't have as a child in Poland at that time. Kitschy, but true: Biting a banana for the first time was an incomparable feeling for me, which I still sometimes feel today when I eat a banana again after a long time. That might all sound a bit "Ostalgisch", but I am totally grateful that I was able to experience it and that I can therefore appreciate what we have today. Tipps für eine entspannte Kita-EingewöhnungTipps für eine entspannte Kita-Eingewöhnung für Eltern und Kind

What do you love most about your job as founder and managing director of Kleine Prints?

Most of all, I love the feedback from our small and large customers! It makes me happy to see that our products are so popular and that the children (and many parents too) love them so much. That's just the best motivation I can think of! Then I also really like the challenges that my own company brings with it. I find it exciting to constantly take new hurdles, master problems and grow with them. Last but not least, I also really love the independence that I have as my own boss. I can spontaneously decide whether I should pick up our daughter Lotta from daycare earlier, do something nice with her, or work at home for an hour in the afternoon. This flexibility is very valuable to me.

What do you love to do when you're not holding the strings together at Kleine Prints?

The first thing that strikes me is yoga! I have been practicing it for 17 years and it is the absolute miracle cure for me to bring balance and calm to the sometimes very stressful everyday life. I also love traveling a lot. I like to experience foreign countries and cultures and I don't shy away from long-haul flights - not even with Lotta. Our last long-haul trip was in autumn 2016 and went to Bali. Everything worked out great, even with a child, and I can only recommend it to anyone who feels like it! Apart from that, I really enjoy cooking and am passionate about healthy eating. The topic of food is a very central one in our family and I'm really happy that Lotta is already interested in it! She's pretty knowledgeable about food for her 5 years, I think that's really great. When I still find time in addition to all these beautiful things, I prefer to occupy myself with interior design, furnish our home nicely and also regularly work on furniture myself.

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

Yes, I like to take photos a lot in everyday life, but only with my iPhone. At some point I bought a really good SLR camera and even took a beginner's course. But somehow I didn't stick with it. We carry the camera with us every vacation, but we hardly take any photos with it. But I also totally love taking photos with the iPhone, because you don't have to worry about the settings and the pictures still look great. My favorite subjects are of course my family, Lotta is the most beautiful photo subject I can imagine. I also like to capture small, fleeting everyday moments and post them on Instagram.

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

What I always think is great are themed photo books. I often see that with customers and I really enjoy doing it myself for Lotta. For example, we designed a photo book on the subject of "Lotta's 3rd birthday". All party guests, photos from the party and the gifts were then shown. A wonderful memory of that day! Other nice themed books are, for example, a "mom-child book" or a family book with all close relatives. Vacation books (about the last vacation) are always a hit, and the children especially like to take them with them to daycare.

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