The people behind Kleine Prints: Sylvi Klautzsch

At Kleine Prints you as fans and customers can indulge in photo euphoria, design high-quality and beautiful products for your loved ones and on top of that you will even be entertained. In a small series of articles here on the blog, we introduce you to the people behind the scenes who ensure that everything is so. It all started with our founder and managing director Eva Malawska made. Today Sylvi Klautzsch, assistant to the management, tells you more about herself.

5 questions for Sylvi Klautzsch

When you think back to your own childhood, what are your favorite memories?

Oh there are so many! My childhood was shaped by many undertakings and activities. Dancing, violin, tennis, orchestra ... looking back, I would like to apologize to all of my neighbors for my first violin attempts ;-) I fondly remember the time we spent together as a family. Be it Sunday morning at the breakfast table with a large cup of cocoa, visiting the grandparents or looking for eggs at Easter. My parents were both employed, but tried to spend as much time with us as possible. But it happened that we could not go away for several weeks in the summer like many other families. I remember that as a kid one summer that made me pretty sad. The next day my father put me in the car and said we'd drive a bit. We just drove off and ended up in Holland in a completely booked Center Park. The man at the reception couldn't believe that we could just come here without a reservation during the main holiday season and thought it was so great that he pulled out all the stops to organize a room for us. So it was a spontaneous father-daughter vacation. Back then we bought a key ring there. It's still on my key today. So it is often not big gifts, but rather small gestures and family time that you remember.

What do you like most about your job as assistant to the management at Kleine Prints?

Clearly the feedback from our customers. It's great to see that young and old alike enjoy the Kleine Prints products so much. Sometimes we get e-mails or calls from customers who just want to say thank you, for the product, the idea, or because they could help with a problem. Of course you are very happy about that. Working in a start-up also means being able to take a lot of input with you. To see how a company builds and continues to grow. To let ideas flow in and to deal with new topics and areas. I really like this and the flexibility in terms of time. Sylvi Klautzsch arbeitet bei Kleine Prints sowie als freie MaskenbildnerinSylvi Klautzsch während ihrer Arbeit als Maskenbildnerin

What do you love to do when you are not making customers and managing directors happy at Kleine Prints?

In short: an unbelievable amount! I like to discover new places and activities, in other words I also like to travel and get inspiration from the country and its people. Then one or the other DIY project comes about, which is usually expressed in furniture or decoration for the apartment. As a trained makeup artist, I can often be found in the theater, at photo shoots or weddings. There I can also live out my artistic streak, which I would never want to do without entirely.

Do you photograph a lot yourself in everyday life? What are your favorite subjects and what do you shoot with?

Meanwhile yes. But that took a while. The motifs are mostly composed of great places and landscapes, but also a lot of snapshots and also one or the other "behind the scenes" photo in a stylist project. I actually only take photos with my cell phone. It takes great photos and you almost always have it with you anyway. I used to take a camera with me for vacations, which I don't actually use anymore and which is now dusty in the box ;-)

Do you have an insider tip for our customers - for particularly beautiful, unique or creative photo products?

Absolutely: be creative! Personally, I think it's great when, in addition to the classic family photo, you incorporate texts and images that you personally associate with something. Whether in the form of words that you might use at home and in case of doubt no one else will understand, or a picture of your favorite cuddly toy, favorite drink, etc. Photo booksthat are dedicated to a particular topic always work well, of course. Ultimately, everything is allowed that brings joy :-)

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Photos: Anna-Lena Ehlers

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