With Michaela Patzner "Outside in the garden"

Illustratorin von "Draussen im Garten" Hurray, hurray, tomorrow is the day: Our newest design baby, the Special edition "Outside in the garden" celebrates a first small anniversary with the imaginative illustrations by Michaela Patzner. You can already do this for a whole month the very best photo books for children and this time even the most beautiful, customizable memory games design in the most summery edition ever. And because our wonderful garden edition so well received by you, we grabbed Michaela again and asked her to answer a few questions. After all, we would like to show you who is behind all these wonderful drawings the brand new Design Edition plugged. And are we lucky, she said "Yes!" said! Hooray! ❤️ Illustratorin Michaela Patzner

Dear Michaela, we are so happy that we can squeeze you out a bit today! First of all, please tell us what exactly you do and what made you want to become an illustrator!

The question is more, what am I not doing right now ... 😄 I've always been creative and can fall in love with a new idea or a new project within seconds. It used to be nighttime children's room rearrangements, today ... uh ... too. I could always imagine doing a lot, but some ideas like drawing were eventually filed as dreams and pushed aside. That's why I studied something "somewhat sensible" and worked as a communication designer in Berlin for many years. In publishing houses and agencies I noticed how much I love to bring ideas to life together with customers and to visualize them. I designed magazines, developed corporate designs and worked out positioning.

Until you became a mom, right? That was a moment for you that changed everything again.

I agree. With the birth of my daughter, I realized how stuck I was. I suddenly began to question my career. I had always relied on the safe path, the logical one. Just to pause now and ask myself if I even want to. Something I believe many do. In a world where everything is possible, we still like to rely on well-known ways. Somehow we still want to be A students to make sure we're living our lives right. Without ever thinking about what “right” actually means. So I rearranged myself and started my little one in early 2019 Design studio rose red independent. It all began with the idea of visually supporting female founders and working with them to create great logos and appearances. Never again did I want to see a woman fail with her heart project or her company because too little attention was put into the visual. I wanted to make the value of these projects visible. I was an exemplary founder, filled out all applications on time and started my first projects. Michaela Patzner über Draussen im Garten

Many women - like our founder Eva - plan or start your own business during parental leave. Was the path the right one for you, do you feel comfortable having taken this step?

It took a while, but at some point I actually realized that I was my own boss and that I was allowed to define my work myself. How great is that? I can decide for myself when and, above all, what I want to do, that's great! Of course, that doesn't mean that my path is always very clear because of it. Sometimes it goes left, suddenly right again and sometimes I get a little lost and have to go back again. Just the thing with the illustrations, that was just kind of close to my heart. I published some of my illustrations just for fun, with a lot of moaning my Instagram channel. Why not? What's going to happen, right? It was precisely these shyly shared illustrations in my feed that I was approached and generated my first illustration jobs. And so one thing led to another. These moments when I question my own path come regularly - and I'm extremely grateful for that. Because then I realize this is just the beginning. There is still a lot going on.

And what do you like most about your work?

With every project there is always a phase of initial euphoria. It's like falling in love. A time when somehow everything seems possible. For "Outside in the garden" the basic idea of “spring / summer” was clear from the start, but it was great to dive into it and think about what that might mean exactly. I remembered my first summer memories as a child with grandma and grandpa in the country. I wanted to capture those memories and the feelings that came with them and create something that would be fun for photography lovers to watch - both young and old.

How do you create your works, how does such a creation process normally work?

Often I start with a simple list. I write down everything I can think of on the subject. Without judging. Then it is sorted, combined, excluded and underlined. With this list in mind, I research images on the subject. In this case, I collected photos of meadows, flowers and lovely little houses in the middle of nowhere on a Pinterestboard. Then I make the first rough sketches in mini format. Mainly so as not to question the details directly, but first to design a rough layout. Since the photo book consisted of several pages that had to be filled, I made a layout plan for the whole book and gradually filled the empty pages with the rough sketches. I then made the final illustrations digitally on the iPad. Michaela Patzner über ihre Kleine Prints Edition Draussen im Garten

To be honest, we have a crush on your magical illustrations. We already knew a few of your magical works and knew that it could only be good. How did it feel for you to create your own Design Edition and what do you like best about your edition?

That was great! We at home love looking at photos, especially the little ones. She was involved in the whole process, painting next to me or commenting on my pictures. I don't know which of us was more pleased to hold the finished book in our hands at the end. Sonderedition Kinder Fotobuch "Draußen im Garten"

Last but not least, you might have a good idea for us. The next photo book that you would design, what topic would it have and why?

Of course I have one for us too Out in the garden book created! That includes all the lovely faces in our family. My parents and in-laws do not live in Berlin. I think the idea that my daughter can always have it with her is great! And to be honest, we like the books so much that I'm thinking of doing one more with their dearest daycare friends. That has the potential to become a favorite toy and a great memory later. Absolutely, a great idea! Dear Michaela, thank you for sharing it with us, as well as your time and your really wonderful drawings. We are really happy to have you on board! Illustratorin von "Draussen im Garten"

Come with us and Michaela Patzner into the garden and let yourself be carried away into summer!

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Photo credits: Photos by Michaela - Michaela Patzner; Product images photo book - Team Kleine Prints as well as pixabay.com and unsplash.com

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