Little explorers on tour: 5 great museums for children

Museum für Kinder - 5 tolle Adressen Vacation. Thirst for knowledge. Closing time. Thirst for adventure. Boredom. Curiosity. Rainy weather. Luck for discovery ... and, and, and. There are many good reasons to visit a museum with children as soon as they are no longer so tiny! Even if imaginative parents with even more imaginative children can probably discover something exciting in every museum, there are still some museums that we found particularly suitable for children. We are therefore introducing you to our favorite museums for children here in this article - and we look forward to your additional tips at any time! (See below.) So, let's get started right away:

Technical Museum Vienna

Vienna is always worth a trip, even with children. And we're not just saying that now because our founder Eva has relatives there, hehe. If you are in Vienna with your minis, the Technical Museum is definitely worth a visit. It offers a variety of well thought-out activities for children of different ages. For example, for 2 to 6 year olds "the mini", a researcher playground, where the little Schietbüdel can try out and experience each other with all their senses. There is for slightly older children Children's workshop and for even bigger ones, among other things Aha tour, of course to join in and try out again. You can even book a family tour. The Technical Museum Vienna really has a great offer for children and families. All information and booking options can be found on the Website.

Children's Museum Vienna

Another great address is the ZOOM Children's Museum in Vienna. There is a great concept behind this special museum that has been implemented really well and in a way that is suitable for children. There are four different ones separate areas for different age groups: The exhibition (6-12 years), the ocean (0-6 years), the studio (3-12 years) and the animation studio (8-14 years). The exhibitions deal with changing topics and are always designed for participation and playful learning. There are great workshops in the atelier. The museum's motto, “Hands on, minds on, hearts on!” Really hits the nail on the head thanks to the generally great implementation and the creative programs and workshops. All in all, it is really a really nice place to spend many exciting hours with children. You can find more information, including booking tickets, on the Children's museum website. Museum für Kinder - 5 tolle Adressen in Deutschland/Europa

Archaeological Museum Hamburg Harburg

Our founder Eva already has this museum in her Tips for your Hamburg trip with child (ren) highly praised, so of course it belongs in today's article! The Archaeological Museum is really well thought out and made suitable for children; it was created in collaboration with Ravensburger. Here, too, learning is playful and based on experience, the children can touch a lot, click and so on. Facts are explained in an understandable and relaxed manner and the children are literally drawn into the spell of knowledge. Evas feels that this museum is particularly suitable for children from 6 years of age. You can find more information on the Website.

Hubertus Wald Kinderreich in the Museum of Art and Industry Hamburg

Eva also has this great museum for you already recommended. More precisely, it is the Hubertus Wald Kinderreich a department in the Hamburg Museum of Art and Crafts. In this great extra department, the children can really experience and act out. You can climb, play and let off steam artistically - for example, make short films, work with animations, dress up and take photos of them. According to Eva, the whole Hubertus Wald Kinderreich is really very child-friendly and made simple and an absolute recommendation! Apart from the ingenious "standard offer" there are also great events from time to time. So whoever is in Hamburg should definitely check the website, It is worth it!

Museum of Natural History Berlin

Who the picture of the Dinosaur world in the atrium of the Natural History Museum doesn't need any further arguments as to why this museum is great for children. The dinosaur world with the T-Rex "Tristan" and the huge long-necked dinosaur is simply unbelievably impressive (not just for children!) And is particularly staged by the atrium. But the museum also has a lot to offer besides the dinosaur world. Parents and children can learn a lot about the creation of space and the earth and various species, as well as marvel at the countless exhibits. That is rounded off Offer for children through some special tours and courses. Due to the concept, this museum is not particularly suitable for very young children, but it is definitely worth a visit for children from 5 to 6 years! More information is available at Website. Museum für Kinder - 5 tolle Adressen in Deutschland/EuropaMuseum für Kinder - 5 tolle Adressen in Deutschland/Europa

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