Goodbye chaos: 6 ideas for more order in the children's room

Ordnung im Kinderzimmer: 6 Ideen, die helfen. Ok, yes, we know: the title of this article is already a contradiction in terms. Namely the words order and nursery in one sentence. And ... goodbye chaos? In most children's rooms, this will likely remain a pipe dream in the long term. Neatly tidy children's rooms are generally seldom permanent, unless the little Bagaluts have just been away for a few days with grandma and grandpa or otherwise. It's completely ok, because our children should be allowed to let off steam and be creative. But you can certainly wish for a little more order ... And that's why we have Kleine Prints founders Eva Malawska asked us to share their best tips for tidying up the children's room. Clear the stage for Eva's six favorite ideas:

Everything has its place

Sometimes you are totally blind to the most obvious things in life. That's why I would like to mention it here very explicitly: In order to be able to keep order in the children's room, it is extremely helpful to have order at all. That means: All things have their fixed place where they belong when tidied up. This creates a helpful structure and makes tidying up easier for everyone. If your child is no longer that small, it is good to include the child in establishing this order.

Open shelves at an accessible height

In my experience, the furniture in the children's room should be as easily accessible as possible for the child. In this way, the little sunshine can pull out the things that he / she would like to have and - at least in theory - put them away independently. According to the beautiful Montessori principle "Help me do it myself". Speaking of furniture: You can find a nice Ikea hack for children's rooms in this article with my favorite DIY ideas.

Sort out, give away, sell

Children's room temporarily closed due to overcrowding? No thanks, it doesn't have to be. Of course, it's nice that we can provide our children with lots of toys and that many of us don't have to suffer material shortages. Nevertheless (or precisely because of that?) There is somehow a tendency in our society to "overload" children with things. Often times, they have infinitely more toys than they can really use. And that is not only useless, it also makes it much more difficult to keep things tidy in the children's room. That's why we make sure at home that we sort things out again and again and give things away or sell them. Not only, but also in Lotta's nursery. Of course, no favorite clothes or toys are lost, only what Lotta may give away - what she is simply no longer interested in or no longer fits her. In this way, we consciously ensure that there is not an infinite amount of stuff and toys. A lot of things can still be sold and thus partly finance new acquisitions. Or you just donate / give things away and make other people happy.

Swap toys

Not necessarily a tidy tip in and of itself, but I find it helpful to "change Lotta's toys" every now and then, in other words: to put away things that she hasn't used for a while and to take them out again later. Then things suddenly become "interesting" again, even if Lotta hadn't even looked at them before. This way you can always provide variety and feel new fun even without tons of toys! The method likely has an expiration date, but by the end of daycare, it definitely seems to work just fine. Ordnung im Kinderzimmer: 6 Ideen, die helfen.Ordnung im Kinderzimmer: 6 Ideen, die helfen.

It is essential to use "odds and ends"

Beautiful boxes with lids are definitely a top tip for order in the children's room, for me personally an absolute must. Because in most children's rooms there is simply a lot of small stuff, a lot of small or fragmented toys that accumulate over time, even if you regularly sort out. The best thing to do is to buy a couple of boxes with lids so that all the odds and ends don't fly around ugly. They are made of plastic, sturdy cardboard and wood, so there is something for every parent's taste. And they make the children's room look MUCH tidier in one fell swoop. As long as they are filled, of course.

Hang up cuddly toys

That sounds martial at first, but it's not at all. Many parents know the "problem" with the cuddly toys: The children are always given some for free and they love all of them idolatrously, none of them can be given away. Completely understandable, I also loved my cuddly toys as a child and they always had to be fine. So that you don't have the absolute dust-catcher colonies on the shelf or in the cuddly toy corner of the children's room, it is totally helpful to pack the not so extremely popular cuddly toys in (jute) bags and then hang them on the wall or on them with hooks to hang one side of the closet. It is much tidier, less dusty and the children can usually accept the "hanging out" of their cuddly toys in the "hammocks".

Would you like a breath of fresh air for the nursery?

We hope you can take some inspiration with you from these beautiful ideas. And if you are in chaos again, we can comfort you: It's the same everywhere, haha. If you feel like giving your child a very special present again, you've come to the right place at Kleine Prints. In our shop you create unique, stylish and child-friendly photo gifts for your little one. Have a look and discover it beautiful photo book for children, the personalized memory game or the great puzzle.

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Photo sources: 1 - 3) Markus Spiske, Eddie Kopp and Daiga Ellaby via 4) Eva Malawska

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