Eieiei - Schniekes Easter eggs DIY in the small prints style

Oh man, what weird times, right? Are you doing well? Do you already have the ceiling on your head at home? What are you doing all day? Here with us, handicrafts are absolutely safe and always work. Especially when the possibilities outside are suddenly limited and the entire life shifts inside, we can thus save any mood. Well, and with all that sitting around the table at the moment, there are a few reasons why you should make yourself extra nice at home. Do you happen to have some spring sprigs there right now? Then it is particularly worthwhile today. Because in principle it is like this: the best things are those that do not make a lot of effort, but make all the more WOW. And because that also applies to Easter decorations, we have put together a small, fine, super beautiful DIY for Easter eggs that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Easter eggs in the Kleine Prints design

You don't need much: Material für schöne Osterdeko

Blowing was yesterday: cutting out Easter eggs

First cut out the Easter eggs from the printed template. For each egg you need at least three, at most six cuts. You can design the Easter eggs uniformly or put together a mix of patterns, just let off steam! Osterdeko: Eier ausschneiden

Knick it like Beckham

The cut-out Easter eggs are then carefully folded lengthways in the middle. The pattern is on the inside and the white back is on the outside. Osterdeko selbermachen

Better together

Now the eggs are put together. To do this, the white backs of the eggs folded in the middle are glued together. This way, glue all of the Easter eggs together. When the last halves are then put together, the three-dimensional eggs are created.

Brave little tailor

At least that's how I always feel when I've finally threaded the end of the thread through the eye of the needle, but that's another story. What is important now: poke the needle with the thread through the upper end of the Easter egg and then knot the thread into a loop. The version for the Easter bush is ready. Osterdeko an Frühlingszweigen

Easter eggs: just let them hang

If you want, you can thread (or sew) the Easter eggs from top to bottom on a string and make a garland out of them. With some tape attached to windows or walls, it conjures up a little more Easter feeling in the room. Ostereier DIY im Kleine Prints Style

Pin it yourself

Did you like my little Easter egg DIY? Then make a note of it on Pinterest. On the Small Prints Pinterest Profile By the way, you will find many colorful pin boards, for example Craft ideas for seute Schietbüdel or even more happy Easter bangs. Osterdeko DIY im Kleine Prints Design

Shush into the basket

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