Designing Easter eggs: 4 methods & tricks for unique designs

Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier Egg egg egg, how wonderful: Easter is just around the corner. At this highest festival of the Christian church, colored eggs are just as natural as the decorated tree at Christmas. If the same single-colored eggs are too boring for you this year or if you just want to try something new and creative with your little Schietbüdeln, you've come to the right place. Because we have DIY expert Julia Tramm from studio tong tong for creating very special Easter eggs exclusively for Kleine Prints. Discover these four great ideas in our easy DIY Easter egg tutorial:

Designing Easter eggs: DIY tutorial by Julia Tramm

In preparation for all variants, it is advisable to rub the egg with vinegar. This not only removes the ugly stamp, but also enables better ink absorption. In addition, the adhesive of stickers and tape holds better on a cleaned eggshell. Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige EierOstereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier

Option 1: coloring

This variant works best with boiled eggs. Probably the most common way of making Easter eggs colorful is to color them. However, so that they don't come across as boring monochrome, the eggs can be pasted with glue dots or letter stickers before they are colored. It is important to ensure that small stickers are used, as they are best adapted to the curved shell. Brush the edges of the stickers nicely so that no paint runs under them in the water bath. Once the glue is set, the egg can go into the dye bath. After the specified time, take out the egg and let it dry well. Only then carefully peel off the sticker. Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier Another option is to give the egg a cool gradient. To do this, place the egg in a narrow container (e.g. a drinking glass) so that it can stand almost upright and does not slip away. Now carefully pour in the dye liquid until about a third of the egg is covered. Let it stand for 6 minutes. Then add a little more liquid until two thirds are covered. This time only wait 2 minutes until you completely cover the egg with dye liquid. Now remove the egg after a minute and let it dry carefully.

Option 2: glue

This variant works with boiled and blown eggs. (Boiled eggs are more recommended for children, as they are sometimes not that careful when pressing the stickers. :)) If you want to decorate Easter eggs super quickly, sticking them on is a great option. Whether adhesive dots, masking tape or letter stickers: as long as the stickers are not too big, everything will stick pretty well on the eggshell. Large things like masking tape can be carefully cut with scissors. So it adapts better to the curve of the egg. In addition, the superimposed tape creates a great structure (see e.g. on the blue-orange egg). Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier

Option 3: paint

This variant works with boiled and blown eggs. Painting Easter eggs is also very popular with children. Instead of the usual water color, thick felt-tip pens can be used. This is particularly useful for small children, as not so much can drip or smear. There are no limits to the imagination: colored circles, faces or dots all fit perfectly on an egg. Eggs that have already been colored can of course also be decorated with the pens. Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier

Option 4: balloons

This variant works best with boiled eggs, as blown eggs break too quickly. A great modern way of getting the Easter eggs colorful is to cover them with pieces of balloon. To do this, cut the balloon roughly in the middle with scissors. It is best to make the cut a little behind the thickest point, so the balloon will hold on to the egg later. Now place the egg on an egg cup, pull apart the balloon rubber and carefully place it over the egg. You can cut the rest of the balloon into narrow strips and pull them all over the egg. Ostereier gestalten: 4 Methoden & Tricks für einzigartige Eier The Kleine Prints team and Julia Tramm wish you and your loved ones a lot of fun designing colorful, creative Easter eggs! If you are still looking for a wonderful present for the Easter net or the next birthday of your little one, have a look our memory game (available in two rear versions), our photo books or our photo puzzle for children more precisely. There is something for every little photo lover!

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Photo sources: 1 - 8) Julia Tramm, 9) Eva Malawska

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