Ho Ho Hach they are beautiful! Personalized Photo Christmas Cards from Kleine Prints

Personalisierbare Foto Weihnachtskarten von Kleine Prints

Okay, I'll admit, sometimes I'm not comfortable with myself. But yes, it's true, I have my head full of the most beautiful ideas and a new product has just tumbled out for you. 🤭

With this one I have fulfilled a wish of my own. Because I've wanted to send very personal Christmas greetings for a long time, but somehow I never have one customizable Christmas card found that knocked me off my stool. Well, I thought once more, then I'll do it myself. 🥰

And so it happens that I can say once more excitedly and proudly: Curtain up for ...

Personalisierbare Foto Weihnachtskarten von Kleine Prints

Customizable photo Christmas cards in the Kleine Prints design

The Small Prints Christmas Card is not even a tiny bit slippery, but simple, beautiful and just very stylish. And that applies to all of the nine designs 😍

As usual, our cards are of the highest quality and of the highest quality. They are in A6 format and, like all of our products, are made on FSC® certified, most beautiful and strong natural paper printed. You get a pretty natural white envelope with adhesive tape for free, yay!

Personalisierbare Foto Weihnachtskarten von Kleine Prints

Now you just have to decide which variant of the new photo Christmas cards What you like best: a photo or several pictures, large or small letters, a lot of text or a little. Uh, oh yes, and with some designs you can even choose from different color variants. Don't make it too difficult for yourself, no matter which card it is, they are all wonderfully timeless.

As always, the design is very easy. You choose which cards you want and how many cards you need. Then you load your favorite picture into our editor, you can do it by drag & drop on your computer or with a few clicks from your mobile phone (... did you know that you did that too straight from Instagram can do?). If you feel like it, you can adapt the text - or not - but the names, you should change them schon and you're done. Then all you need to do is click on "Order" and you will soon have your very own Christmas card in your hands. Now you just have to think about who you want to send such a darling to and where you want to make the mailbox happy ... Grandma, grandpa, aunts, cousins and friends are guaranteed to love your personal Christmas greetings - especially this year.

Personalisierbare Foto Weihnachtskarten von Kleine Prints

I wish you a lot of fun designing and sending Christmas magic.

All the best,
Eva von Kleine Prints

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