7 tips for beautiful children's pictures: Take your own favorite photos

The photo products from Kleine Prints are known for their stylish design and high quality workmanship. But our favorite products are only really brought to life through the beautiful, unique photos of our customers. Therefore, today we are giving you 7 great tips with which you can take really nice pictures of your little sunshine even at home and without a professional photographer by your side.

Beautiful pictures of children: best relaxed and natural

You probably know it from yourself and the overpriced standard photos from the kindergarten photographer are usually the best proof: the pictures that are made under time pressure are usually not the most beautiful. The most beautiful children's pictures are created with a lot of time and observation. So instead of arranging an official "photo shoot" with your little ones and asking them to smile, maybe take the camera with you to the playground or into the garden and give yourself all the time to create really nice photo moments and finally to capture them!

Bring your favorite accessories!

Also a great way to distract children from being photographed: bring your favorite cuddly toys, toys or interesting accessories into play! Whether painting, handicrafts, making soap bubbles or building table caves - there are no limits to your creativity. Now all that remains for you as a photographer is: Observe, wait and press the shutter release in the most beautiful moments!

Try different photo angles

Sure, we adults are physically taller than our little darlings. It can happen that you take more photos "from above". For particularly beautiful children's pictures, however, it is worthwhile to try more photo shots at the children's eye level - or even from below. Just play with the perspectives and discover what unique photos of children can come out of it. Tipps für eine entspannte Kita-EingewöhnungTipps für eine entspannte Kita-Eingewöhnung für Eltern und Kind

Professional equipment for beautiful photos? Does not have to be!

Even if (digital) SLR cameras have become comparatively affordable today and more and more people beyond professional photography are buying good photo cameras: You definitely don't need high-end devices to take magical pictures of your little rioters! With Many smartphones can already take beautiful photos with a really solid resolution that you can use for our photo products without any problems. For example, in order to achieve good print quality in our photo book, the photos should have a resolution of at least 800 x 800 pixels. It is not necessary to upload super-large amounts of data to Kleine Prints, as our products all have a small format;) 2 to 5 MB per image is sufficient here. A great article on photography with the iPhone can be found here, for example!

Beautiful pictures of children: It's all about the attitude

If you should have a good camera on hand, be sure to play around with the settings and try out which setting you can use to take the most beautiful photos under the circumstances. An introduction to the conditions under which you should use which aperture, shutter speed and Co., can be found here.

Take pictures without the flash if possible

Quite a few respected professional photographers and also some passionate hobbyists avoid the use of the flash when taking photos like the proverbial devil the holy water. Of course, they do this for a reason. Quite apart from the fact that photo flashes can be quite annoying and frightening for both small and large "photo models", photos without a flash often simply look nicer. Especially with us hobby photographers. For us amateurs, pictures with flash often look very unnatural, the exposure is wrong, the people who are loved by the heart look incredibly pale and sallow, and so on and so forth. Just try it out more often without a flash.

Practice makes perfect - also in children's photography

Last but not least, when photographing your little darlings: Practice makes perfect (and master)! The more you take your time and simply try it out with the camera or smartphone, the more you will learn how to take particularly beautiful photos of your children. And it's totally worth it - because you and your children will certainly still be very happy about very special snapshots of memories, which may even reflect the character of your child. Have fun trying!

Make your favorite photos your favorite gift

If you've already taken your favorite photos, why not make them a very special photo gift for your little hearts - for example as a child-friendly photo book, unique memory game or as Photo puzzle.

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