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Schöne Schulranzen A child is coming to school ... an exciting time for the whole family! And here too, as is so often the case in life, you are spoiled for choice! Because you have them when it comes to school bags, among other things. Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawska reported today how she was doing for her daughter Lotta this year comes to school, found the perfect satchel. Then she tells us how she puts together a unique school cone for Lotta. Here we go:

Beautiful school bags - is there such a thing?

The subject of school bags started in February or March. Another mother asked me if we already had a satchel for Lotta, which I denied, slightly perplexed. I thought you'd buy the thing in July or something, our school in Hamburg is in August this year. To my casual "nope" I got a rather stunned reaction. "Waaas, you don't have a satchel yet, are you crazy ??! They are all sold out and have super long delivery times !!! NOW are all the satchel fairs!" I thought to myself, "Oops, again I missed something" and put the subject of school bags on the to-do list in my head unexpectedly early on. Then I took a relaxed look around to see what satchels there are. The latest craze seems to be the Ergobags, but my designer eyes don't like them. I went looking for something simple for Lotta. I found what I was looking for Scouts in Berlin. Fortunately, Lotta also found the scouter's satchel pretty and so the purple scout has actually become Lotta's future backpack. Juchhu, kid and graphic nerd mom both happy! The Scout is even lighter than the Ergobag, which of course I think is great.

Try on school bags beforehand?

You often hear that the child should definitely try on the potential satchel (s) before buying it. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone to x stores with Lotta to try on satchels. But it turned out for us that friends of ours bought an Ergobag and their neighbors bought a scout. So Lotta was able to try on and try out both models when we were visiting our friends - and decided on the occasion that she didn't like the Ergobag. Much to my delight, of course, because to be honest, I didn't expect that she would prefer the simple purple scout to a colorful Ergobag with kittens on it! But obviously our understanding of design rubbed off on them after all, yippieh, I like.

Buy a package or individual selection - that is the question

With some manufacturers you can buy pencil cases, sports bags, etc. together with the school bag as a set. Of course, that's kind of practical. Personally, I think it's much nicer to choose each piece individually with Lotta and, for example, to fill the pencil case with high-quality pens and beautiful things myself. Of course, every family should do this in a way that is most suitable for them. I think the way we do it is much more individual and personal. But in the end we also decided on a pencil case from Kundschafter, that was easy and, as I said, I like the simple design just great. Lotta's gym bag will be from a different label. Our current favorite is this one from Meri Meri. (Update 2019: Unfortunately the gym bag doesn't seem to exist anymore. In order to sift through the beautiful Meri Meri products, click here.)

Nice gifts for the school cone

Of course, when filling the school cone, it is also important to me not to just buy "something" or to put tons of sugar in it, but to really get things that are beautiful and useful. Schöne SchulranzenSchöne Schulranzen & Schultüte I will write down a few of my ideas for you here in the article, otherwise at the time of writing this article I am still looking ...

"Flip" alarm clock from Lexon

This alarm clock * (more choices can be found here) is really great, stylish and so easy. Probably the easiest alarm clock in the world! To switch it off, you just have to turn it around. I've had one myself for a long time, and Lotta is getting her own for school.

Owl finds the beat

Owl finds the beat is a super great radio play. In the story, the owl discovers one musical style after the other and the children learn something about different musical styles in a playful way. Really good!

Nice gym bag and / or pencil case

If you don't buy a satchel set like we do, but buy all parts individually, a pencil case and / or gym bag can also be a great gift for the school bag. As I said, I like individual, beautiful designs such as that by Meri Meri (see above) best.

The most important thing: the school cone itself

Who doesn't remember their own school cone? Starting school is a special day in life that most of us will never forget, including the school cone. It is such a turning point and a big change in the child's life. (And mom's, too, sniff ...) That's why I think it's nice to honor this special day in Lotta's (our!) Life not only with thoughtful gifts, but also with a particularly beautiful school cone. Lotta's school cone is from tinyday his, a label that I think is really great and that I have had my eye on for a long time. I can only recommend it to you from the bottom of my heart. Schöne Schulranzen & individuelle Schultüte von Tinyday

The enrollment can come!

In the end, choosing and procuring a satchel was not at all as much of an act for us as other mothers predicted. Probably also depends on your own attitude, like so much in life. I then finalize the school cone in good time before starting school. We are now enjoying the free time together in summer and are looking forward to school with one weeping and one laughing eye. Some families turn school enrollment into a real party. That won't be the case with us. We - mom, dad, child - will go to school in a very relaxed manner and possibly have a nice dinner together afterwards. Finished. I wish you every success and, above all, enjoyment with your own satchel choice and the preparations for school enrollment! Schöne Schulranzen - für die Zeit nach den Kita-Jahren

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