Learning to swim: this is how you make it easy for your child!

Schwimmen lernen Kind: Mit diesen Tipps fällt es leichter! Summertime is swimming pool time. (Or, if you have it really good: Beach time! Whoop Whoop!) Splashing in the cool water is an absolute summer highlight for us adults as well as for our little ones. Of course, it's really fun when the (no longer so small) minis can swim themselves at some point. But it is not only important that our children learn to swim well for the sake of having fun - after all, we want them to be able to run around in the outdoor pool or in the sea with a clear conscience. Learning in Germany is incomprehensible fewer and fewer children swim properly. It's not that difficult at all. With our following five tips, your child may find it a little easier to learn to swim:

The optimal age

Every child is known to have their own development schedule. Still it seems to be proven that it is children at the age of 4 to 6 years it is particularly easy to learn to swim. Because at this age, the brain is perfectly able to learn complex movement sequences such as the breaststroke. (By the way, after primary school at the latest, it will be harder for the brain again, which is why it is much more difficult for adults to learn to swim!) Only very few children can learn to swim seriously before the age of 4 due to the aforementioned development of the brain. Still can Baby swimming courses & Co. be a great idea for many other reasons.

Love of salt water promotes love of swimming

A Summer vacation by the sea (alternatively: a visit to the brine thermal bath) is not only wonderful to relax and unwind, but also perfectly suited to relieve your child of any fear of deep water. It is well known that salt water carries better than fresh water and makes it relatively easy even for non-swimmers to lie on the water and not sink. Under these conditions, it is easier to build trust in the carrying water. Schwimmen lernen ist wichtig!Schwimmen lernen Kind - leichter in Salzwasser?

The right swimming instructor

Don't worry, we don't want to call you to extreme helicopters. But it certainly can't hurt to take a closer look at the person who is supposed to teach your child something as important as swimming. And preferably BEFORE booking the swimming course. Learning to swim has a lot to do with trust and perceived security - and if you and / or your child do not have this basic feeling with the swimming instructor, it may make the whole thing much more difficult. This usually also means: more tedious and therefore even more expensive. It is therefore worthwhile to "test the water" in advance and see whether the chemistry is right.

Learning to swim for your child: ideally with patience and trust

Deep water can be extremely frightening, especially if you are a non-swimmer and have no clue that swimming is "child's play". In addition, we parents like to transfer our own fears about the child TO the child themselves. That is why it is important that you yourself believe that your child is safe in the water. (After all, you are near him!) It also helps to empathize with your child and give him as much security as possible when you go into the water with him. Hasty, albeit well-intentioned, attempts to show the child that they can swim and that they should let go of you can lead, in case of doubt, to your child not wanting to go into the water at all. And that is rather counterproductive on the way to becoming a properly trained water rat.

Seahorse is just the beginning

In order for your child to enjoy swimming safely and in the long term, it is important not to consider learning to swim as finished once you reach the seahorse. Because the seahorse only means that your child knows the "basics" - which they will not learn to master safely without regular practice. That's why you should go swimming with your child regularly after the seahorse and help him to become really safe. As an alternative or in addition to this, there are also great "advanced" swimming courses in many places, which can be worthwhile depending on the child's desire and personality.

Capture your favorite water moments!

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