Independent with a child: 6 tips for your own business

Selbstständig mit Kind Woohoo, hello 2018! New year, new ideas, new power, new projects. Perhaps there are little print fans and little story readers among you, too, one or two mothers who would like to take the step into self-employment this year and start their own business. In this case, we asked Kleine Prints founder Eva Malawska for her experience and best tips for starting her own business. Curtain up for your answers:

1) Self-employed with a child: only do it when you really feel like it

Building your own business and making it successful takes a lot of time and nerves. Things often don't go as planned or as you might have dreamed of before the company was founded. All of this does not matter if you are on fire for your business idea - if you are passionate about it, you also face difficult days and challenges with composure. However, if you don't say "YES!" When you say about your business, my advice is: better let it be for now. If you approach this big challenge half-heartedly because you think you have to "do something right" again (as if looking after children was nothing ?!) or because a friend of yours is totally absorbed in her project, that's mine Doomed in opinion. If you are not ready to work again or if the responsibility for your own business is actually too much for you, this is completely legitimate. Better take the time you need and only start when you feel like it!

2) You need care for your child

Do something on the computer while the child is sleeping? Yes, of course, an absolute dream for expectant mothers. That holds up to reality until roughly the first serious attempt at work (?). Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work so well to really advance your own business with a child at home. Or it works somehow, but you will soon be on the verge of mega burnout. Also not recommendable. Selbstständig mit KindSelbstständig mit Kind Hence my absolute recommendation, one Supervision possibility to organize for your child if you want to work on your own business with full power.

3) Set goals, make a plan

If you are already a mom, you know it yourself best: Life with your child (ren) is often pretty wild, turbulent and usually already filled with time. If you then have your own business, it can quickly become really chaotic and confusing. (And who is not a good one Self Care Practice and has limits, the burn-out beckons again quickly.) Therefore I can only advise you from the bottom of my heart to structure yourself well and make a plan about what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term and with which Measures you want to achieve these goals. It always helps me enormously to print out these goals and measures and to hang them up somewhere clearly visible. Alternatively, one can use online tools such as Trello work well and clearly. But be careful: do not overtax yourself and try to set realistic goals. You often do not succeed in this at the beginning and then you are quickly disappointed if you have achieved none or only a few of your goals. With time and experience, the whole thing becomes more realistic and therefore more enjoyable.

4) Don't try to do everything by yourself!

Ok, admittedly: At the very beginning you usually do a lot on your own. But at some point your company grows (hopefully), you make more sales and you have more and more to do with it. Then it is important that you get support by your side at some point! You should see what your strengths are, what you are really good at and what you enjoy. If you don't like it, you should outsource as soon as you have the opportunity - believe me, anything else will slow down the success of your company. If you do not yet have the financial means to get paid support on board, you can secure great expertise for your company with so-called "barter deals". With barting, you simply swap your work for the work of another self-employed person, there is no money. For example, a designer can team up with a copywriter, one of whom designs a flyer design for the other, while the other writes a flyer text for one in exchange.

5) Network

Many together know more than one alone. And together you have stronger nerves. Wherever there are many women, at least one of them usually has a helpful answer to your current question. That is why it is totally helpful when you go out into the world and network with other (future) entrepreneurs. You can do this on site in your city / region as well as online. Selbstständig mit Kind - Netzwerken ist wichtig! There are now various great online platforms, often with connected Facebook groups, on which you can exchange ideas with other independent women or mothers. Great networks are, for example Digital Media Women and the MomPreneurs. As a self-employed person, such networks were very helpful and important for me from a very early stage. Apart from the inestimably valuable mass of knowledge that comes together in such a network, it also helps a lot to know that you are not alone in the world with your worries and specific problems. Aside from the networks, there are now many blogs on which great women provide free knowledge, tips and experiences on the subject of self-employment. For example, there is a great address Woman free &.

6) Take it easy

Last but not least: Try not to put yourself under too much stress and pressure. First, a stressful life is just not really fun and unhealthy; and second, stress and pressure are the absolute archenemies of creativity. The best ideas usually come to you in very relaxed everyday moments, when you are not really thinking about business at all. The sudden flash of inspiration in the shower is just the best-known example of this. Make sure you take enough time for yourself and switch off often enough. As a mom and founder at the same time, that's really not always easy. But if you have your own Time out assigns a high priority, then you usually manage to make it! I wish you lots of fun and success in all your projects! Familienkalender selbst gestalten

Well planned is half the battle ...

Yes, planning is only half the battle, we at Kleine Prints know that. But when all family meetings are staged so nicely like ours send calendars and planners, planning is definitely a lot more fun. Here you will find out more! Would you like more stories about the photo-loving life with children? Then sign up here for our newsletter, the Kleine Sonntagspost! No spam, 100% love.

Image sources: 1) Julia Sass Photography 2 & 3 from - 2) Thiago Cerqueira, 3) Brooke Cagle, 4) via, 5) Eva Malawska

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